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04-30-2007, 09:26 PM
Almost forgot but anyways fridy afterclass which got out early ;D decided to make a trip up the hill to try for some sierra lake rainbows went to an old family favorite Fuller lake, got there at about 11 am after lunch in nyack. Threw out on rig with powerbait and worm over on the opposite side of the parking area across the dam, nothing in the whole time on that but alas i had my trusty #2 rod ready to go threw out a gold and a silver kastmaster for two fish one on each both about 14" real slinder fish holdovers from last season i would bet, figured i d eat lunch and head back down for work that night landed a 12" brown on my last cast on a j5 rapala in brook trout color all the fish were hooked up over a drop off shelf(water is crystal clear i saw them coming when they came to hit very exciting) one other gentleman out on a float tube with his fly rod didnt see him do much all in all cant complain got some fish spent a great day in the higher country.

Brad "Hunkfisher"