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04-22-2007, 11:34 AM
Was on the lake yesterday...... alone... dog and wife stayed home...(probably a good call based on the weather)..
I launched at Capell Cove, in the water by 7:15 am and started fishing in front of skiers cove a few minutes later. Not too windy, figured it would be an okay day.. I put the first rod out and lowered the downrigger to 70 feet. Turned around to get the other rod and bam, fish on! First salmon by 7:30 am. Set that line out again and turned around to get the other rod when same thing, fish on.. 2 salmon inside of 5 minutes. I thought this was too good to be true and sure enough.... when I finally got my 2nd rod out everything stopped. This lasted for another hour and a half. Then about 9:00 am it started back up again in fits and starts... A couple of fish in a row, and then an hour of nothing... The wind came up and the clouds came in and it got pretty cold. Finally put up the canopy and that helped to stay a little warmer. The wind started whipping up and blowing right into skiers cove, so I headed into the narrows, where it was a little more protected.

Didn't see hardly any boats around skiers cove until after 9:00 am.. I tried calling for other sniffers on the radio, I got a response from someone who I believe was down by Markley Cove... reception wasn't real good.. and I lost them.. Can't remember what their handle was..

About 10 am a few more boats came up and fished in and around skiers cove... I was in the narrows most of that time though and couldn't see if they were catching or not...

I ended up landing 8 salmon... all 17 to 19", except for one about 15". All hard fighters... Released 6 and brought two home. Went back to Capell Cove by 12:30.

It started sprinkling as I took the boat out and was raining by the time I hit the road. Waited to clean the fish until I got home...

Upon cleaning them I noticed their gills were all infected with parasites... This doesn't seem like these fish are going to continue to live very much longer, a fish needs its gills right??? Is this the same cocopod that attacks the trout??? It doesn't look the same, as the body of the salmon looked perfect, nice and bright.

Anyways, I caught all the fish on large (8") sling blades with white hoochies, smeared with either Krill gel or Shad bait butter.. 70 to 95 feet down, going 1.6 to 1.9 mph. The stretch from the east side of skiers cove on into the mouth of the narrows was most productive. Fished in 130 to 150 feet of water and marked a lot of salmon from 110 to 130 feet down.

Fishing turned out to be better than the weather and I got off the lake before the rain started, so I feel lucky.. a pretty good day all in all!!


04-22-2007, 11:46 AM
Nice report and attention to detail. Thanks for providing the information on your day. Looking forward to going back soon.

04-22-2007, 06:03 PM
Look out Berreyessa im comin' an' im hungry for catchin'. Ive had enuf of this fishin' and i wanna do sum catchin' So fer all u fisherpersons please vacate the lake for the next week or 2 so them there dern fish r hungry and will take a stab at anythin' i throw.

Now the question i have for all you pro Berry lake fishers is where do i launch from and how do i get there? Ive been on Berry years and years ago but always out of monticello and by the time i hit the water for sking or swimmin i was not able to catch my bearings.

I think i know where skiers cove is but the narrows and Markley cove are all confusing to me.

Also what is the earliest you can launch at whatever launch ramp you suggest.
Thanks in advance for all your help, yes i know how to spell, and myself and my boy will be out in the little aluminum tin can.


04-23-2007, 06:00 PM
The Kings have had the coco pods for several years now, but just in their gills. Most people dpn't even realize they are there it seems. You could almost swear its becoming a symbiotic relationship as all they have to do is sneeze and cough up a few and then chew them up when they need a meal. ;D

We caught a few Kings Sat as well and were out in the main lake after 10 or so. Our Kings came from Markley cove area.