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04-17-2007, 01:51 PM
I've heard Cachuma's alright for trout, although maybe better for bass. Anyone ever fished it? And further, fished it well? Any pointers? I'll be heading up there soon, I've browsed through reports on the Ventura Star, other places, they all point to the island and the bay are the best places. Any help would be much appreciated.


04-17-2007, 03:31 PM
Haven't fished it since Feb. I think. *Big tournament coming this weekend so unless you are planning to fish it I wouldn't go up there. *

I usually start at the east end of the lake called the narrows. *I'll troll into it and then back out up along the bluffs which would be on your right hand side. *If nothing is happening I'll move up to Cachuma Bay and troll down almost to the end of the channel keeping to the left hand side both going in and coming out. *Some nice high spots. *Don't troll near the dam much any more as I've generally had good success in the above locations.

Prefered rig is a Seps watermelon dodger with half a crawler. *Seems to out fish lures by a large margin. *Although any kind of dodger will work imo. *Leadcore or d.r. both work. *The last few trips (which would be in Jan. and Feb. the toplined rigs weren't getting bit much at all. *I always have one lure out whether on the surface or leadcore. *Same with the crawler. *Usually troll 3-4 rods so can mix it up.

Good luck and where you coming up from? *I think I'm about the only one who posts that is in So. Ca. or at least it sure seems like it.