View Full Version : 3/28 del valle skunk

03-28-2007, 01:07 PM
i dont skunk at this lake very often, i think this might be my first or second time but today was bad. didnt decide to walk to my usual spot, so i fish the right of the boat launch. air is cold, maybe low 60s. water is warming up, maybe low 70s high 60s. winds picking up around 10-11 as usual. visibility pretty high for a post rain day. probably a good 10 feet under water. no clouds, all sun

fished 7-12. one nibble at 7:30. used all kinds of powerbait, even the new stuff released under the gulp name i got at fred hall.

tried to get some bass action too, saw them at a sunken tree. threw buzzer, then senko, then swimming senko, then some finesse worms, nothing worked. i saw a few small bass, couldnt get them to bite. guy who worked at the marina fished in the morning around the corner, said he got bites on anchoives....could be a sign that summertime is coming up.

trout arent biting for sure

o yea...lots of commorants all over the place