View Full Version : Don Pedro Kings and Rainbows

03-25-2007, 03:14 PM
Launched at flemming meadows behind 85 bass boats in a tournment. Really amazing how quick they launch, they were just starting to launch when we arrived and wife said we will have to wait for a hour, I told her no way, by the time we had the boat ready all had launched wow!. Plenty of catch and release action on kings and rainbows but no big fish. Best fish today was a king and rainbow about 18". Fished from dam to power lines and caught fish everywhere we stopped. Best depth was 40-60' on the riggers, also since I had my wife ran a lead core out the back of the boat at six colors caught several on that rig but really prefer prefer the riggers, remember when all we had was lead core, lots of reeling with 8-10 colors out. Found some scattered bait balls and found fish around them. Water temp. 62.7 degrees. Not a lot of boats fishing other than the bass guys. All fish caught on rolled shad had to stop fishing when we ran out of bait, was ok since needed to get the wife home, she does wildlife rehab. and has animals needing to be fed and cared for. Wish I had a better report but that is how it is.


03-26-2007, 06:53 AM
Good reports for both McClure and Pedro Dan. Sounds like you're on them.