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12-23-2006, 09:48 PM
Started out the morning trying a new lure to me. I think it's by Berkley. It's called a Frenzy. Looks like a Rapala. Firetiger colored. Caught all 5 fish. Sprayed Bang Shad scent. Back 150'. Down 3'. Most fish were caught around the darn area. Saw a few other boats out there, didn't here of a lot of fish today. Returned to cleaning station and talk to a few guys that only caught a couple or just one. So guess i did alright. Left at 2pm with a limit. Until next week. Melones or Berryessa? Sorry no pictures, I cleaned them at north shore ramp this time. Robbie.
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12-23-2006, 10:50 PM
Good job Robbie i'm headed up north tomarow and then tuesday some steel head fishing on the upper sac I hope. If I don't talk to you merry christmas man. T-ROY

12-24-2006, 04:57 PM
T-Roy, You have a awesome christmas and a great new year. We will have a great 2007 and will hook up soon to get those Berryessa rainbows. Good luck to you and the family. Keep in touch. Robbie.
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12-25-2006, 09:40 PM
Yeah great job
I was out the same day and got skunk. Did all top line'n too, just could'nt dial in. Thanks for the tip when I get back on track I'll let yeah know.

see ya

12-26-2006, 08:05 AM
Hey Robbie,

I talked to you out by the dam, I had my dad and black lab with me.

We got two by the dam early (one 2lbr and one 4.5) then nothing until 2PM when we moved down by the south shore. We picked up three more there, including a 5 lbr. Three fish came on grubs and two came on a spinner and worm. Depths were 5 to 10 feet. Tough day overall.


12-26-2006, 08:45 AM
Hi Robbie, Good Job. Did you get into some big fish? We where out there Sunday and our smallest was 2.2 lbs and biggest 5.7 lbs. We couldn't get anything on top everything was 14 ft.

12-26-2006, 04:22 PM
Fishjunky: My biggest was around 3.8 and the smallest was 2.4 lbs.
Fishnmike2002: Good to talk to some other sniffers out there. Glad you got into some fish. It was a tough day for some and some had some luck. Hope to see you up there again soon.
Gshmeed: It can be a tough lake, don't give up. Don't be a fraid to change to some other things. Depths and lures. I lived up there for a few years. I know some good spots. If you have any questions, PM or ask while at on the lake. Channel 69 on the radio. Until next time. Robbie. (Koke Machine)...