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12-01-2006, 04:33 PM
Apologies to the Del Valle veterans. *I'm writing from the viewpoint of a total Del Valle rookie. *

I decided to call in sick so I could go fishing at Lake Del Valle. *I've never been there but have been intrigued by some of the recent posts. *Were the fish gods going to punish me for playing hooky or would they reward me?

I got to the marina by 7:45. * Looking down at the lake I saw 2 fellas fishing to the left of the docks in what looked like really shallow water. *To the right of the docks I saw more anglers on shore. *I saw plenty of boats and kayaks fishing pretty close to the docks. *This looked *like the spot. *I talked to the young man working in the marina and he said that fishing from shore wasn't going to be very good. *(Oh shoot!) *He explained the water just off the docks was really shallow and that I would need to cast out 60 yards to get into the deep water for the trout. *That seemed to disagree with some of the info I'd read on these boards but I trusted his judgment. * He recommended I hike a mile out to the Venados group camp area which is also near the Narrows. *

I started hiking out and huffed and puffed to one point before the Hetch Hetchy group area. I learned one of my ultralight rods was very short on fishing line- only 40 feet. *Great, the fishing gods were not smiling on me. *I waited for 20 minutes then decided to move on. *

I finally reached the Venados group camp area and hiked to a spot with a rocky cliff. *I figured the dropoff would continue into the water. *I threw two lines into the water. *Waited twenty minutes with nothing. *The fishing gods were not happy. *I did see some splashing along an adjacent gently sloping beach area. *I walked over to see if it was a grebe or fish. *With my polarized sunglasses I could see a fish swimming parallel to the shore about 7 feet out. *Unsure if it was a trout or bass. *I walked along the shore and saw some more fish also very close to shore. *The water was not very deep here. *I took one of my rods and cast my line almost parallel to shore so that my half nightcrawler and poweregg combo were only out about 10 feet from shore. *I looked back at my first rod and saw it was bent over and bouncing. *Reeled in a nice 3 lb.+ catfish. *I was pleased to use my new digital scale. *

After taking photos and releasing the catfish I looked at my shallow water rod and saw some action. *I failed to set the hook properly and the fish was gone. *Were the trout fishing gods punishing me? * * No! *I threw the line back in and within 20 seconds the rod was moving. *Reeled in a nice 2 pound rainbow trout. *

I was there until 12:40 pm and got 4 more trout. *All were caught on the shallow water rod. *Also all were 2 lbers except for my 6 lb trout. *Yahoo! *First time I caught my limit in a long time. *After putting the first 3 on ice I was planning to C & R any subsequent fish I caught but those were bleeding and wouldn't survive. *I ended up giving 2 to some people along the hike back. *

This was one of my best fishing trips. *I'll probably go again in late December. *

Sorry for this extremely long post. *I had plenty of time to "compose" it on my hike and drive back home. *


12-01-2006, 04:42 PM
Way to go bobcat, glad you were able to go to the Del Valle doctor to cure your sickness.

Looks as if the guy at the marina was pretty wrong. From most of the reports I have been reading a lot a trout are being caught in the shallows.

Thats big guy is real nice, must have been fun catchin ona ultra light rod.

12-01-2006, 04:44 PM
nice day of fishing! sure hope your boss does not read the sniffer!

12-01-2006, 05:42 PM

* You had an excellent day down in the narrows. *I was in the blue/silver Lund in front of the docks. *Only got one 2 3/4 lber and 2 smaller trout, fished until 1:30. *Saw 4 other fish caught from the boats in that area. :-[

I did see the fella fishing the shore to the left of the docks and did quite well catching *3 totaling 14 lbs. *He was using nightcrawler/marshmellow.

It was a very slow day for most boats. *I did see the kayakers get a few stripers near the docks on minnows and also nightcrawlers. *The bankers did a bit better on the right side of the docks getting stripers and some trout. ;)

The planting truck arrived with a dump at noon *from Mt Lassen Hatchery. *Well that has to be a good thing for this weekend. *After all I think quite a few have been caught recently. :)

Bobcat the gods are with you, *go out tomorrow.

12-01-2006, 07:25 PM
Nice report and nice fish. It seems to me that most of the trout at this lake are caught on bait versus trolling (and more likely between the narrows and south end). Other lakes it seems the other way around (or at least trollers have an equal shot). Most of my fish caught have been on worm/mallow or powerbait; only one on the troll last I remember. Anyone else have the same sense? Similar at San Pablo; can't quite figure it out.