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10-24-2006, 06:35 PM
hello everyone,

I am back fish are clean and damn what a day, alot of work. I am a patient fisherman but when it is not working it is not working, I have this disease, I have to get to tying up something else, to see if it works. thats what I did most of day, I decided against the boat as I was by myself. But here we go to the good stuff. Power bait on the bottom on the bottom about 20 feet offshore Im guessing 20-30ft deep, with a 7ft leader. Produced a whole of strikes, but they were there and gone. Not just taking it yet. The best thing for today was a worm threaded on(half worm). With a clear bobber and about 3.5ft leader. Saw some trollers Only one boat that I know of got 3 trolling flat fish, no downrigger. So im guessing he was between 5-10ft. I think it will open up real soon. I had a great time watching all the people that dont know amador so well, throw lure after lure after lure, and bait after bait after bait at the fish that were schooling up about 5 feet off shore after the plant. They planted another 5K pounds today. I saw it. And then to top it off, i wasnt very prepared and the fish didnt fit in the ice chest that I brought so i went up to the store and some lady I have never seen before was working. She was rude and charged 2.50 for a black bag and three scoops of ice so my fish wouldnt rot. I wish Bob or his daughter would have been there, they would have laughed at her. Anyways There it is. I woouldnt be surprised if another week is all it takes to open up.

Also does anyone know how to make roe. I seen some guys out there one year using roe they made from trout eggs, and they were slaying them. I think im gonna try to make some..

Thanks everyone.... By the way I didnt see any STARS out there. I think they would be on the boats right.....How do i put pics from today on here...

10-25-2006, 02:49 AM
Check out this link. *We love pictures!
I use Imageshack and it works quite well.