View Full Version : upper klamath 10/15, 16, 17 -- lotsa pics

10-19-2006, 01:08 PM
well it was my annual fishing trip with my dad up to copco lake (right on the border of oregon) with about 30 of his buddies from his work. *one of his friends has a house up there right on the lake. *we don't lake fish, instead we hit the klamath above the lake for trout in the mornings.

this has to be my favorite river, with the moke around the jackson area coming in second. *i highly recommend a trip for anyone who loves to river fish. *this time of year the hills are red, green and orange as the trees turn color, the valleys are green and lush, massive rock structures jut straight up out of the mountain creating an awesome landscape, mount saint helens (on your way in) is looming in the background with snow on it's peaks, and deer are everywhere and are mostly friendly.


the fishing was faily successful despite some bad conditions. *it was raining on and off which didn't help anything. *the first day my dad got the biggie of the day at 16 3/4". *he was awarded the pewter beer cup for the day which carries the right of not having to fill it yourself--whomever he asked had to get up and fill 'er up! *

between the two of us that day we caught about 30 fish, most of them dinks and a few 12-14" fish thrown in. this is definitely not typical fishing conditions. *usually you have about 30+ fish days with most of the fish in the 14-20"+ range. *the rains really killed things for the big-uns this year. *i only got a couple pics of the second and third day as my batteries died on the first day. *here are a couple pics of the dinks i caught. *all fish were caught on panther martins, size 6 and 9, mostly black, red and black, and yellow.



since the river is dammed up in oregon they let out water EVERY morning, usually around 10-11 am. *once they do this it's over. *it kills everything until the next morning. *the second day they started letting out water at 9am! *it had rained the night before fairly heavey so i think they were anticipating a lot of water. *well that day sucked for fishing, just more small dinks. *the third day was a repeat of the second day: small dinks! *they hadn't shut back the water all the way so the river was higher. *it didn't do any good for fishing. *a few dinks here and there.

but you can't complain when you have this scenery...oh, and my little digi camera just doesn't do the landscape justice. *it's freakin' beautiful in person.








even thought the fishing wasn't spectacular like it usually is, it was an awesome time. *