View Full Version : Bucks Lake bonanza 10-8 with pics

10-08-2006, 07:13 PM
Took the family up to Bucks Lake today to try a little trout fishing. *Launched the drift boat at the Sandy Point launch area and headed towards the Mill Creek area. * Austin, 7 years old, hooks into a kokanee with the black and silver rapala 10 minutes after launching. *My girlfriend then pulls in a nice brook trout using a dodger and crawler rig. *We then ended up anchoring up and fly-fishing the rest of the day. *All in all a pretty good day. *Ended up landing a total of 35 or so fish, with a mixture of browns, rainbows, and brookies. *Lost another 20 or so before we could get them to net.

Here's a photo as you come up to the top of hill before Bucks Lake...

Here's Austins kokanee...

Here's a brookie I caught...

Here's a brown...

Here's my girlfriend with one of her brookies...

Here's another brookie...

Here's the boat parked as we take a break on shore...

It's a great time to be at Bucks Lake!!!

10-08-2006, 07:38 PM
Nice Job!!! I'm truly jealous! It is so beautiful up there, I need to go get some of that action! *I noticed the fly rods, were you only fly fishing or did you troll? (i've never heard of Kokes on a fly!) *I figured it was snowed in up there, but it looks perfect (but cold). *Did you encounter any wind or rain? *I also noticed your handle said Paradise, is that where you live? Thats where I was born and raised. *Great Brookie (2nd pic from the top), that thing is beautiful...nice report.


10-08-2006, 08:20 PM
Hey Lipp...a slight breeze on the water in the Mill Creek area. *Didn't see anyone fishing the Bucks Creek channel this visit. *It was chilly when we got there (about 38 degrees at 8 am), but warmed up very quickly. *No snow, but watch out for the cattle drive. :o *We got stuck in one on the way out of the lake area! *Water temp was 57 degrees where we were fishing...