View Full Version : Lake Pardee 10/4 hanging with sjsharks

10-04-2006, 06:57 PM
Met sjsharks at the ramp around 6:30. In the water with top up around 7:00
Few raindrops but nothing more than just a few sprinkles. The water was like glass. The breesze was prettly light.
Started with a cd5 oragne/white rapala on one rod and a threaded nightcrawler on a "gillie" behind a green/silver dodger. About a half hour into the troll and my rod with the rapala takes a pretty good hit. Light drag and the reel is peeling some line off. Fish On!!!
Few head shakes later and a jump at the net. Two points as my captain and netman drops him in the box Re-rig the rapala and change other rod over to pink dodger/pink uncle larry's spinner combo.
We trolled for the next couple of hours with no luck and covered quite a bit of ground, inlcuding the river arms. We happend upon quite a display of aeriel acrobatics as we neared the log jam bouy area. There was quite a school of kokes flipping across the water trying to avoid the explosive attack of rainbows crashing the surface. We tried numerous approaches and lures but couldn't get any takers. As we left the log jam area I switched out my dodger/ spinner set up for a naked silver cripplure. Few minutes later my line pops off the downrigger thats down 10ft. Fish On!!! *
Sjsharks goes in tor the scroop, two points. *;D
I put 2 in the box trolling from 7:00 to 2:30. The weather was nice. We had plenty of cloud cover. *The water was calm with a small ripple here and there. Visibility waas 15 to 20 ft. Water temp was 68.
It was a slow *catching day but with hardly any other boats out it was a great day and good company. [smiley=cheers.gif]
First fish was close to 14" and the other 16".
Next time its sjshark's turn to get some rod bending action. Pyramid fest is almost here *;)

10-04-2006, 07:33 PM
Nurse, we have a bleeder! ;D ;D

This was a choppy as it got all day. It was a mirror out there. :o

N2, way to show me up out there ;D Don't outfish the captain. I'll be switching out your anise for banana extract. LOL J/K