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09-29-2006, 06:22 PM
Sorry for the late report but this week has be h*** at work and did not get a chance to get to the fun part of my life.

Started out for Eagle from Shingle Springs at 8 Wednesday morning. The plan was to meet my brother Gene there and my brother in law Steve rode with me. All was fine, good start, little traffic, made good time. As we were entering Susanville an "Oh Shucks", or something like it, came out of my mouth. I had forgotten to load my trolling motor. To far to turn around. We tried for an hour to find a spot to rent a bow mount electric to no avail. I suppose it would be a somewhat limited market. Steve and I brainstrormed for a while and remembered that in the old days we would drag a garbage can around to get the boat to troll the right speed. Off to WalMart. In reference to a previous thread here, I'm one of those anti WalMart types. Guess I may have to reconsider somewhat.

We were on the lake fishing by 6 on Thursday, I was trying every color grub, Gene had on a silver ford fender and a threaded crawler and Steve stuck on a midnight seps dodger and threaded crawler. Within 5 minutes Steve had a fish on. Within 25 minutes Steve had his second fish on, I told over the midnight dodger. 10 minutes later, I had my fish on. Now Gene is a die hard truck parts fisherman and usually outfishes most people but he had enough and took over the midnight dodger. 15 minutes, fish on. Right about then the sun came up and DEAD. It took us until noon to hook and land the last fish. That day we had our first hookup at 20 feet and finished at 32. Fish ran from 1 lb 2oz to 3LB on the nose. Weighed all fish on a stren digital scale. Most were in the 2-3 to 2-9 range.

That afternoon Steve got a call from his work and was told he had to testify in a case that he was a professional witness in on Friday. Off to Susanville to rent a car so he could go back. As he approached Auburn they called again and said nevermind. To tired to come back he took the hotel his company had arranged and spent the night in Sac. The only good part was he could swing by the house and pick up the motor for Saturday. Gene and I searched all of Susanville and all the places at Eagle in search of a midnight dodger to no avail. Dug through my tackle that evening and found a couple of blue dodgers with black spots. Even bought some letter B black boat letters to apply to dodgers to blacken them up.

Headed out dark, cold and windy on Friday without Steve. I started at 20 ft with the midnight and Gene started at 32 with the blue dodger with black dots. Wasn't 5 minutes and fish on Gene. He outfished me 2 to nothing with the blue. Switched to blue and picked up a fish at 32. Sun came up and DEAD. 1PM before I picked up the last fish at 40 ft.

Next day Gene and I on Blue and Steve on the midnight. With my trolling motor this time. Blues limited just before sun up. Steve took over a blue. Caught one right away. Sun up DEAD. 11 before we caught or last fish. Fish both days the same size as the first day.

Sunday we had to be out of the cabin we rented by noon so on the water at 5:30. Fishing by 6. Same thing on the blues except this time Gene hooks the first fish at 40, I was at 32 and dropped down right away. Bam!, double on. Both real fine fish. It took 20 minutes to land them. His was 2-16, my 3-1. Got the big fish of the trip. I got my second shortly after and Steve took over the blue. One right off and couldn't get the second before we had to leave.

Great time, ate a lot of great fish. Drank some good Scotch and told our fair share of tall tales. It's real good to get a testosterone fix once in a while.

We were fishing the Eagles Nest area. Bobber guys were doing good in the tules by the airport. Saw a lot of stringers come in but none had any bigger fish than we had. It's amazing how a fish shrinks when you put them on a scale. Most thought the 3 lber was at least 4.

Didn't have a digital along so will try to post some belated photos when I get the disposable developed.

Does anyone have a biological explaination why the fish quit when the sun comes up even when the bite is at 40 ft?

They wanted nothing in metal colors. Both the midnight and blue were the same color on both sides of the dodger.

One last thing. I did manage to leave my gas card at the gas station in Susanville on the way out and had to cancel it when I remembered on Tuesday. This after 50 halftimers is getting to be a pain.

09-30-2006, 01:38 PM
You can get Vance's black dodgers at Tri County Marine at the top of the hill at Eagle Lake Road turnoff in Susanville.

09-30-2006, 11:11 PM
That's a useta. The place is for sale and having a long running close out sale. Not much left there but junk.

Wouldn't rent me a bow mount trolling motor either.

10-01-2006, 06:38 AM
But, I bet he would have sold you one for 33% off ;D ;D ;D

10-02-2006, 08:44 AM

I was at eagle lake the same period you were..

We fished Friday the 22nd thru halfday Monday the 25th.

We caught and released 128 Fish between three of us. We went 45, 44 and 39 apiece.

We never got on the water until the sun was up. We fished all day long and caught fish thru out the day.

I will admit early in the AM the bit was more consistent, but we had some great fluries of action mid day as well.

My guess the reason the you stoped catching fish when the sun came up is not that they stop biting, but rather that they moved into shallower water to feed.

We caught fish in 1 to 8 feet of water. We fished off pelican point, and in the north end off the tules. And do notice big changes in activity by location rather than time of day.

I also noticed in the few fish we kept due to minimal chances of survival, they were full of leaches, shells and very small minnows.

There appeared to be a shortage of food.

PS: We did not troll.

10-02-2006, 08:53 AM
Thanks for the input. Sounds like you had a great time also. We notice on the way out Sunday that guys were hooking up around Pelican point with the sun out.

From the post the week later it looks like we hit the lake the right week.

10-02-2006, 09:02 AM
Hey Fishmiester,
Hey I'm looking for property up that way,I was wondering if you had any more info on that place for sale.Address,contact something I may be able to look up in an MLS listing.
If you want you can PM me or EM me.

10-02-2006, 09:04 AM
I also noticed in the few fish we kept due to minimal chances of survival, they were full of leaches, shells and very small minnows.

Once the water cools off enough to let the fish get into the tules, they feed on leeches, snails, and young of the year chubs, dace, and redsides. There is lots of food in the tules. You just need to match it. The best flies match leeches and the small baitfish. Worms represent snails and leeches to the trout. Bobber and worm fishing right in the tules an be very effective in the fall.

Rapalas and spoons are for open water where the fish are feeding on larger baitfish.