View Full Version : Los Vaqueros Report

08-18-2006, 03:39 PM
Got to the north end of the lake at 7 and fished for a while close to the dam. No bites. Water is still high and shore access is very limited. *Wind was blowing. *Walked up over the hump to the rockpile I call Snake City. *Only saw one buzzworm and he nicely slithered away. *:D Saw shed skins from several biguns, so they are past shedding and less likely to strike blind. *

About 10:30 the wind stops and bite turns on. Solunar tables says 6:50 to 11:50, so the fish at LV must be on an abreivated version of the same. First , a couple of 12" planters, then a nice fat 18" planter ;D ;D ;D, and finally a nice 16" largemouth. *By 11:30 the bite is off and at noon I called it a day. *Would have liked to see some salmon, but no luck with them today.
I wonder when CCWD will start drawing the reservoir down. *You'd think they would have started by now, with rain only 2-1/2 monthes away. *Sure would help with the shore access if they only took off a couple of feet from the lake.