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08-02-2006, 09:21 AM
I have also posted a topic on the bass forum, but I was wondering if anybody had information on the trout fishing at lake almanor. I will have no boat, so i was wondering what techniques to use. We also might make a trip up to eagle lake. so any info on that would also be appreciated. Thank You!!!

08-02-2006, 04:16 PM
I believe the hex hatch is winding down, but trolling is best bet in the AM on the west shore. You can rent boats at Plumas Pines Marina. I have plunked worms on bottom on bobber etc... and only have caught a couple fish. Usually the hex hatch is your best bet from shore. The trollers always have fish all year though.

Bobber and bottom fishing at Canyon Dam off the shore is a good bet.

Meal worm with cricket or crawler only or cricket only.

I have fished this lake for 5 years now mainly from shore and only landed two fish (well lots more at Ham Branch, but those planters don't count). One in April when the snow melt had the fish up near a stream and once during the hex (that was on a float tube drifting a crawler).

A friend just returned and out of 3 evening outings caught five fish between two people. 2-3 lbs.

There is tons of fish, but they do not come easy. Hamilton branch (shore fishing) is stocked, so usually plenty of fish there, but they are beat up pretty bad. I did get into a fish (12-14" small one) two weeks ago up there (don't count it even though I landed it) but it was looking like a speed freak on some bad stuff. It had leasions all over it's body (10-15 places). My buddy landed a 4-5 lb bow that night too.

I have to share the whole story. I was getting the camera for my buddies huge bow when my pole went over the side of the pontoon. I looked over and figured it was gone. I picked my second rod up and started reeling. I caught my pole (the one that went over) in the last eye. I reeled it in the boat and put both rods down to take a pic of the rainbow. When all that was doen I reeld in my overboard pole and it had that leasion encrusted fish on it. I cal those Ham Branch Special because most the planters over there are like that.

You can catch some huge bows and browns. Although I have not caught many fish in the last 5 years fishing there, I am always excited, because I know the next time might get me into the biggest trout I may ever catch.

Good Luck.

08-04-2006, 06:20 AM
I have been up at the lake for the past 6 days. Trolling is very slow with a few fish being taken in the early morning. You have to have down-riggers as the fish are 20-30ft down. We also have fished from the docks at night at REC 1 and have only caught bass.

We have done well fishing the Feather River out of Chester and Quincy for bows 10-15 inches.

Hope this helps you.