View Full Version : Cherry Lake Results!!!!!!!!!!

07-12-2006, 05:11 AM
The catching of trout was really slow at cherry lake on monday. I was on the water about 10 minutes after daybreak and fished until 5 pm. I did not land a fish until 3:15. There were many bites but couldnt hook up with one for some reason. Hooked only 2 fish all day. Lost 1 right at boat and landed 1. It put up very nice fight and was 12 inches long. Caught on a single pink power egg. I left lake at 5pm and headed for cherry creek (hwy120 side). Throwing panther martins produces fish on just about every cast. That was fun. Nothing big, but awesome fighting fish. Talk about jumping fish. If you plan to fish cherry creek then you must read my post "Beware".