View Full Version : Bucks Lake 6-15

06-16-2006, 05:41 PM
Went up to Bucks Lake for the day to get some fishing in with my friends that were staying the week up there. *Got on the water late around 1030, the wind picked up around 9 and blew for about an hour then settled enough for us to want to get out on the water.

First thing I put in the water was a watermellon dodger with a two tone purple hoochi at about 27' got hooked into a Koke about 5 minutes after puting it in the water. *It was real small about 11" and did not fight at all. *Tried that set up for a while but proved unproductive. *Decided to try a crome Kastmaster on leadcore just for fun. *Had my first trout on in 10 minutes. *I was out about 2 1/2 colors. *My buddy and I trolled from the shut down restaraunt back to the cove up one shore line to the other. *I stayed at about 2 1/2 colors and finished off my limit with 4 nice brook trout by 2:30. *They ranged from 13" to 16". *

I spent half my time fishing, the other half helping my buddy get his rig loose or trying to get it loose from a snag. *I gave him three Kastmasters and an orange hoochie from my collection. *It was funny how much trouble he has while I was catching fish. *Same boat and totally different outcomes for the day.