View Full Version : Shadow Cliffs 5/13 & 5/14

05-14-2006, 05:16 PM
So Troutboy and I were looking for some actiona in our new Trout Unlimited pontoons :o. Amador? Hmmm.....Seems tough nowadays. :-/ Del Valle? Not too many good reports. Then Troutboy stumbles upon the planting info for Shadow Cliffs. 3250 lbs!!!! [smiley=yikes.gif] That's EXACTLY what I thought....no way they could stuff that much trout into a tiny lake like that. But with the pontoons, we wanted a lake that would be easily accessible and small enough to cover ground. Soooooo we decide to go there. Turns out that it wasn't 3,250 lbs.....ONLY 2,250 ;) !!!!! AND 1250 of them were Thunders. The rest were called Idaho's..... :-? Whatever those are.....

So our competition begins. [smiley=fencing.gif] I started trolling grubs and needle fish....we were marking fish down around 20-25 ft. I get my first hit on a topline grub. Action was really good on orange with mini willow blade flashers with a 1/4 oz weight throughout the day. The bites were REALLY soft though....TB missed about 20 fish on Sat. [smiley=wallbash.gif] So we decided to offer something a little more subtle and drifted worms with a poweregg down around 24 pulls. We got a lot of fish but STILL a lot of misses.....even with worms!!!!! And the worms weren't bit off either....talk about soft bites!!! Sheeeeesh [smiley=foottap.gif]

Went out sunday again (TB couldn't make it). Did the same thing again....started the day off trolling grubs and got 2 hits (1 fish) on them. Fish still at 20-27 ft. down. I drifted most of the day and the bite really turned on around 11:00.....got some nice 3-4 lbrs and my FIRST THUNDER! ;D Not a huge fight.....but he was only about 1 1/2 lbs. I was pretty impressed with the runs the fish were making. Not Amador....but more than I would have expected. Bonus: picked up 2 cats while drifting. THose suckers were suspending 25-30 ft off the bottom...go figure.

I was off the water at noon. Temps were 70 in the morning and by 11:00 just touched 72.