View Full Version : Any Shasta lake info/reports?

05-09-2006, 01:26 PM
On Friday I am going to Shasta for a week of fishing. Plan mostly to troll (downriggers) for trout and salmon and a little cat fishing at night. Any information re lures, depths, areas etc would be appreciated.
I will probably be camped up the Squaw Creek arm. If any of you Sniffers are there at the same time let me know - I'll have an ice chest of coldies.
Waterdog ;D

05-09-2006, 03:58 PM
Just got back from Shasta yesterday, lake is high and many waterfalls entering lake from snow runoff. Trout fishing was very slow and I didn't see many hookups. No fish caught trolling dam area on Sunday (3 Hrs. fishing) Fished across from Holiday harbor and caught 2-15 inchers in the AM (1.5 hr fishing) on Monday morning on rainbow needlefish-leadcore line. Buddy bassed fished Toupe island area AM on Sunday morning and caught 5 within 40 minutes. Red/Black shallow diver. Coves with small trees and shrubs look promising for crappie. Nite fishing of back of the houseboat no luck, powerbait and minnows used.
Try lures and bait other then I did and you may catch more...
GOODLUCK---Runnem deep I'm thinkin.

05-09-2006, 06:05 PM
Hey Watter Dog
Try trolling Humdinger or Cripluer 2 to 3 foot behind the 6' SlingBlade or a Cripluer by its self top water to 35' ' for trout. Bass are everyware in the lake, shoot its hard to find a place they arnt. LOL Catfishing can be slow , but soaking bate late at night Joans Valley and bays around the dam, salt creek and other aeras produce some nice eating size.
For Salmon use slingblade's with 12 to 15" leader , Coconuts and Vanve Hoochs working well. I like the Glow in the dark my self . LOL Bright sun helps the Glow ,but Flash bulbs from an old camera also work real good.

[smiley=stirthepot.gif] ProCure ,shad butter , Smelley jelly and the rest , Even WD-40 work. I find just covering up the Human smell helps quite a bit.
Ok I cant spell ,But I can Catch Fish on Shasta. LOL [smiley=angling.gif]

You Know what they say ,you have to be smarter then the fish is all.
[smiley=hitfish.gif] Just kidding

Yep, I'm a Local Boy, Just 15 to 20 Mins away from the lake.
If the Doc Give's me the Ok, I be Glad to met you Out there friday or this weekend . I hate weekends . LOL
Robin CH 69 VHF

Or Im or PM me for Phone # If you waht to shoot the Bull.

With the resent Plants of Eagle Lake strain Trout resently and the Salmon bite on you should do well. Theres a lot of big fish to be had and plenty of eaters.
If I don't see you out there Best of Luck

Ps. Check the Post Kokanee Power Shasta Derby