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03-20-2006, 07:34 PM
First let me say sorry if I put this in wrong forum but I am looking to pick the brains of all the great trout fisherman that post here. :)
I have a week to fish the first week of May and I am looking to hit up some new lakes here in California. I would really like to catch a Lake trout, German Brown, Rainbows, and macks. I have a 14 ft aluminum that has a happy troller, fish finder, and downrigger. It has a 2-stroke 20hp mercury so I understand some lakes may not allow it on the waters. :(
I am looking for any info including the usual spots, baits, lures, depths, but also indoor accomadations that will allow me to park my boat or trailer there. Marina info woulld be helpful too. ;)
I appreciate any and all input. I am making this trip by myself it looks like and really hope to have a safe and memorable trip. 8-)

Thanks !
Sniffers Rule !!!!

03-21-2006, 02:30 AM
You should try the Bridgeport area. *I think Bridgeport reservoir with all the water we've had will kick out a ton of 5-7 lbers this year. *There are Rainbow,Brown and a few Cutts in B.R. *Those fish grow obscenely fat there is so much feed in the water and they fight great. *Last year was great and with a good water year it stayed good all year. *Jeff at the Bridgeport Marina loves to tell people exactly how and where to fish , he is very helpful. *They also have slips and boats for rent. *The first couple of weeks in May are always good for trolling small and medium Raps about five to ten feet down to keep you out of the surface grass. *Troll near the dam for the big Browns. **If you want to rip some big Raps for big browns try lower Twin. *Beautiful scenery. *There are several motels in town but they do fill up fast the first week in May. *There is also an RV park at B.R. and several camping areas. *Stop in at Ken's sporting goods and they will give you the latest skinny on the fishing. *Here is a picture of Bridgeport reservoir opening day last year.
Here is a link to the bridgeport Marina.

03-21-2006, 07:50 AM
There are 2 areas I would try weather and snow pack permiting. First is the Capples, Silver Lake area. There is plenty of camping in the area. Capples has browns, macks and rainbows. Capples has a resort with store and good info there. Silver lake is only 10 miles from capples and I've heard of good brown and rainbow action there. If those lakes aren't producing you can take a short drive to Upper and Lower Blue lakes. Your boat I think is small enough to launch, they only have a gravel launch with no dock but there are some quality of fish in both lakes. Second is the crystal basin area. You can fish Ice House for rainbows and nice browns, Union valley for macks, browns rainbows, and kokes, and fish Loon for browns and rainbows. There is camping at all three lakes and good launches with docks. There is the Ice House Resort just a short way from Ice House that has a store and resaurant. If heading up that way look online @ Ken's Custom Tackle, he's a guide that fishes those lakes year round, he has good reports and tips, along with a full line of tackle, which can be purchaced trough the web site or at the Long's Drugs in Pollock Pines just west of the Crysal Basin area on highway 50. Hope these areas give you some more options.

03-21-2006, 08:04 AM
I like Pyramid Lake in Reno NV and Stampede ;)

03-21-2006, 09:31 AM
If you are certain you want five species then Hwy 88 is the answer. *Caples, Silver and Bear all have five species. *Macks and lakers are the same thing. Hwy 88 lakes also have brookies, cutbows and cutthroat trout to go along with bows, browns and macks. *In May the smaller fish on Hwy 88 are eating bugs, so be prepared to present some flies for really wild action.

My choice for really fantastic fishing and scenery would be Bridgeport. *Troutfan is steering you right. *They grow big fish in that lake, camping is awsome and Bodie is right up the road. *You could possibly even stay in the cabin in Sweetwater Canyon. *The cabin is first come first served, but it is rarely used during the week. Sweetwater Canyon is absolutely worth a hike. The mountains go up to 11,600 feet and the canyon fills with wildflowers.

03-21-2006, 03:34 PM
What a nice bit of information you have all given me, thank you very much. I have fished loon and union valley from shore , never from boat and always caught rainbows there. I fished Ice house last year in my rig and caught a couple decent bows and one small brown. I am still learning what works on these lakes from a boat. I fished Silver lake last year and caught some rainbows and a couple nice browns. I never hooked into the macks in these lakes but I didnt have a downrigger then either. ;D
I have heard tons of good things about the bridgeport lakes but never made it that far. Now that I have the time, I am really leaning towards that area.
I have fished stamped from shore and caught a few rainbows and never have made it to pyramid. Heard its a big place with some might winds that can cause some good wakes, Kinda makes me think of s.s. minnow and gilligans island. I get dibs on gilligan! 8-)
Anyhow thanks again and any more info you all feel like contributing is greatly appeciated.
Fish on !! ;D

03-21-2006, 03:40 PM
With the way the weather has been this year, the biggest issue for recommendations will be access. It might be June before some of the good lakes are available.

03-21-2006, 07:20 PM
I would recommend trying highway 108, maybe fish in the Stanislaus River and you can bet Beardsley and Pincrest will be good. Beardsley is famous for it's German Browns that were stocked there when they had an infection that was affecting the rainbows but that the browns, which I heard were part brook up there to, were planted because they were immune to the infection. Trying the river at pincrest might not be bad, other places up that way are Clarks and I think you can get to Spicer. Just over the mountain is Bridgeport and Twin lakes on highway 395.