View Full Version : Question for "grubs"???

03-15-2006, 08:59 AM
I have a question about the popular "grub" lures used a lot. *I've heard and seen a lot about the grubs but I have never used one trout fishing. *I would really appreciate the proper way to set up and fish the grubs. *Thanks for any help!!!

03-15-2006, 09:48 AM
Welcome to the forum!

Rather than just give you a smartass (but good!) answer of, "Put it on a good #2 hook with a good knot at the end of 6lb test line." I'll suggest you use our GREAT forum search feature to find the thread I started because, like you, I wanted to learn more.

Set your search to look for ... "Grub Power?" ... as a phrase ... in the title for ... three months ago ... in the ... trout board.

While you can spend a whole lot of time reading about them there is no better education than picking up a pack and heading out to Amador to give 'em a try yourself. Please report, with pictures if possible, your results!

03-15-2006, 10:10 AM
Thanks "YakMotor". I really appreciate your help. ;)