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02-05-2006, 02:10 PM
I shoulda turned around when I got there :(
There were 44 baaaaaas boats all lined up and waiting at the small ramp they had open at Granite Bay.
Seems it was folsom bass clubs turney day yipee!!
Once the ramp cleared I put it in the water and locked my keys in my truck with my trailer still in the water at least I had unplugged the lights. Got that solved and it was time to go!
Went down by the dam and trolled and trolled oh and trolled some more all the way down by browns ravine in and out metered some fish here and there, made a few very fast depth adjustments with the rigger as I found a few shallows next to the deeps. Tried a small bucket and got it down to 2.7 sog was dragging a speedy shiner in 80' down about 60' and got a good take down only to lose him/her some where between me and the bottom. Later was winding in after I popped it out of the clip and had a nice size one boil on it about 40' back could reproduce that.
I guess this makes up for a few trips to Amador.
I like the new riggers but definitly need bigger balls [weight] 6#ers don't seem to be enough at that speed- atleast i assume you might be able to get it fairly straight up and down.
Water was greenish brown and I couild see the ball about 6' down used alot of scent.
Next Time

All in all a good day on the water - the fish