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02-09-2008, 05:10 PM
Nearly all informed anglers know by now that it is very unlikely that we will
see a Central Coast or Central Valley salmon season this year or next. There
is nothing we can do to change the past. There is however something YOU can do
the change the future and ensure a recovery of our salmon fisheries by 2010
or 2011.
We are finally being heard in Sacramento and we need to keep the letters
coming to keep the political pressure on. I encourage all readers of this site to
take just 5 minutes of their time and log on to water4fish.org and sign the
petition. Thanks to their great software it only takes a minute to type in your
name and address and generate 8 letters that will be sent to the Governor and
legislators in Sacramento.
Ask your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors to also support this cause
or you can kiss our salmon fisheries good-bye, forever. There are several key
hearings and meetings coming up involving endangered smelt, water diversion,
dams and pumping and this is the best tool for us to be heard. I do believe
that the tide is starting to turn and while it will take a few years for our
salmon fisheries to recover I do believe they will.
In just the past two months USAFishing readers have helped to double the
total number of letters sent through http://www.water4fish.org I want to express
my thanks to all who have signed the petition and let you know that it is
making a difference. What is needed RIGHT NOW is a doubling of the 35,000 letters
received in the past six months in the next two weeks? I realize I sound like a
preacher to his flock but all I am asking for, is for you to spend the same
amount of time you have spent reading these four paragraphs to log onto
water4fish.org and sign the petition. It's that easy and we are being heard!!!

In other news we are still working on our application to become a fisheries
enhancement nonprofit group. We are working with several other well recognized
organizations in that field and are making head way but the process is a bit
more complicated than we thought. We hope to have our ducks and fish lined up
by spring. We have received many emails inquiring about how to support what we
are doing but we cannot legally solicit or accept any donations at this time.
We want to thank everyone for their support but please give us a few more
weeks to get everything lined up.
Together we are making a difference. But we can't do this without YOU to
carry the message to Sacramento that we aren't going to accept the huge decline in
our fisheries to support subsidized corporate farms any longer. Please share
or post this story wherever you wish.
Mike Aughney

The Petition:

The State and Federal Governments consistently approve anti fish measures

* The Dept of Interior is signing 50-year water contracts without fish and environmental protections
* Federal & State Water policies created the collapse of the delta with eminent extinctions and devastated runs of salmon and striped bass
* The Bush Administration dewatered the Klamath killing fish and has taken no action. PacifiCorp is stonewalling the Klamath dam removals
* The Federal and State Agencies are ignoring the Central Valley Act & The Endangered Species Act that protect fish

Therefore, the 2.4 million California fishermen demand:

* A moratorium on any new Delta water development or allocation with a fish impact
* Removal of 4 dams on the Klamath River and restoration of fish flows
* A moratorium on any increases in Delta water exports until fish recover
* Full funding and compliance with the Central Valley Project Improvement Act and The Endangered Species Act
* A freeze on any government funding or permitting which would allow more water diversions until fish runs are restored
* Support for habitat restoration in hundreds of rivers and streams throughout the state

That's It...The whole petition nothing more to it!!

It was an unfortunate choice of words using "Summary" in the title because what you see is the actual petition wording. I've told Dick Pool about the confusion by some over this issue and he's supposed to get the page edited...

The actual letter that you sign says nothing more than that you agree with the petition....

Be Brave and sign it Give our fish a voice!!

Or Don't and the Fish Gods'll quit smilin' on Ya'

The Deal:

We are heading for the end game and each group is playing for all the marbles. I wouldn't expect the fishermen to ask for less, any more than I will be expecting the farmers and So Cal to ask for less when they make the same type of impassioned plea to their constituents. It is now or never for the fishermen the same as it is for the farmers. If our members want fish for the future you can act now or not complain when it's too late. The reason for asking for it all is that you never get everything you want but it's better to start with asking for complete control and then counter to a good position rather than starting with what you need and ending with too little and much too late. I believe that is how the political machine works.


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done! ;) Signed up the whole family, 3 more names on the petition. ITS VERY EASY!

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Done. *I have no excuse not to put my name in the pool.

MM - this needs to be posted and STICKIED on ALL the boards...

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Thanks guys! If it starts to drift down I'll sticky it. It is located here, the Salmon Board, and the Issues Board. That's the best I can do at this time.


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just did it and also copied and sent to others...... tc

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I sent mine in! 8-)

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I'm in

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done deal baby!!!!

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Done! Thanks MM! 8-)

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Done 8-)

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Done deal!

Thanks for the heads-up!

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I'm in. Thanks MM !

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I did it last week, this morning I did it for my wife! ;)

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DONE!!!!! Not even in Cali. right now. Living in Colorado, re-locating 1APRIL08 to Pittsburg. Grew up in region though. I cannot imagine a delta fisheries w/o salmon. This will effect other speicies as well. Little fresh water in Suisun bay? where did the sturgeon bite go? Stripers? No-where to migrate. Tidal infuenced large mouth? Not any more. Cannot stress how VERY F-ING IMPORTANT THIS IS TO GOOD FISHING!!!!!!!!!!!
PPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEE fill out the form. 5 minutes of your time for a life time of good fishing for you and generations to come. DO NOT IGNORE THIS, Even if you don't live here. We are calling out to our fishing family from San Diego, to the Oregon border, and all points East, West, South, and North. Make your contribution, even if you are out of state, ESPECIALY, if you are a non-resident that charters salmon trips in the central coast region. Don't let the government take away your salmon and more importantly, MORE JOBS!!!!!! Without this vital fishery, many boat owner/operators, charter captains, deck hands, baitshop owners/employees, landings, boat shops, and even cafe's and hotels, (especialy mom and pop joints), AND THEIR FAMILIES, that rely on this important economical engine will be forced to eventually go tits up. I'VE SEEN IT!!!!
The mid eighties San Diego tuna fleet was ruined by political do-gooders, forcing them to move out of the region and take jobs and money with them, AND THATS ON A COMMERCIAL FISHING LEVEL!!!!!! If you choose to ignore this, don't blame those of us that took 5 minutes out of our time to sign the damned letter. We, and we alone can save our salmon fisheries. If you don't take the time, don't ask, "Where did all the fish go?", you already know the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Done!! ;)

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IM IN. :'(

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The same thing needs to be done with another fishery in California. Look at the Eel River in southern Humboldt. The flow of the Eel is 85% less than its natural flow. Most of the water is contained at Pilsbury Lake. Natural runs of the Eel river produced 500,000 king salmon every year. The river now only produces 15,000 on average. This river is bigger than the Smith, and can be argued, that the river in its prime would be second in line with the Sacromento river in California. Not only the diversion of water is the culprit but an invasive species known as the Squaw Fish, "aka the pike minnow" has helped destroy a wonderful river. It seems that people forget that not only the Sacromento river is in danger, but the Sac could suffer the same destruction as the Eel. Look the Eel up. I think if some focus were on other rivers including the Sac you would find that there are far more potential in California. Look the Eel up. Pleeze. Lets get stuff done togeather.


05-08-2008, 07:33 AM
:) :) http://www.congress.org/congressorg/directory/congdir.tt

Don't forget to write your Federal Reps in Washington. The easy way to do that is to click on the above link, insert a little info about yourself, alnd your Senatorial & Congressional reps, and their address's will appear. Click on the "write a letter" link, and the process of writing a letter is painless. If you have Word Perfect, or some similar program, you can also address the envelope. What you produce by this process will be professional quality. WRITE THE LETTER, do not simply send an E-mail, elected officials will respond to letters sent to them by their constituents. Contact the local Democratic or Republican headquarters, and they will give your the name & address of your State Reps. Write them too. GET BUSY, OR YOU CAN KISS THE 2010 SALMON SEASON GOODBY!!!

05-09-2008, 10:57 PM
Anything being done to protect specimin sized carp in this deal!

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Just signed it. 8-)

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Done :)

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Reeldeep and Kneedeep signed sealed and delivered.

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I did this also! ;)