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10-16-2005, 09:47 PM
Quick trip up on a whim. *Second time to Frenchman's, this time launched from Lunker point ramp. *Just after setting first downrigger at 20', and starting on second rod, trout comes knocking. *Small, and surely this is a hot day already, so let it go. *Gold Midge Wobbler (Luhr Jensen). *Lots of suspended algae type stuffs. *Not hook catchers, more like it's been through grinder. *Like brocolli in cream of brocoli soup.

Enjoying and prospecting part of the lake I've not seen. Through the narrows, heading south 45 minutes or so, zig zag, enjoying the day, nice fat one on the gold midge wobbler. *I dont know that the midge ever has attracted a monster, but when I'm hungry, it's my numero uno goto lure. *Catches more fish, just smaller. *Alage suspended stuff gone. *Lots of experiments on rod #2. *Dodgers, spawn color needlefish. *nada. *Rainbow runners (another goto)(green, blue). *Nada. *I

Slow prospecting, new water. *Lost a nice fish, too lazy to grab the net (gold midge). *Round again, hook up again, on the gold midge, landed nice fish, 2 in the box. *Switched other rod to gold needlefish (another Luhr Jensen), seems to be color. *Consistent hits, 20 feet in 40 ft (28-42') water. *Wind east/southeast.

Next two passes, bigger fish, hit the needlefish (gold). 2 more in the box. *Next pass, hit on the midge wobbler. *Small one runs starboard, just in time to catch other rod as another good sized one hits gold needlefish. *Net the little guy, let him go, and handline the chunky one for limits, and a wonderfull fall day.

5 headed for various recipes, one fat one lost, two little ones sent to fatten up for a future appointment.

Dont know the name of the cove/area I found all the fish, but 6 fish in an hour there. *Turn south from Lunker Point launch. *Through the narrows/straight, the cove on the west side (right). *The northern flank of the cove has a rock formation that could pass for the knight on a chessboard. *I think this cove might lead to frenchman's creek. *All fish with downrigger at 22ish, with lure maybe two feet above that. *Average a fish an hour or better! *The drive up from Reno was worth it alone.

Think I might pay another visit tomorrow! Trying to figure out the picture thing.

10-17-2005, 02:20 AM
Nice report Flying Trout. This time of year Frenchmans can kick out some decent fish! ;D