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08-22-2005, 08:36 AM
Fished sat morning at pineflat and the bite was a little tougher than 2 weeks before. Lake had dropped about 10-15 vertical and the water temp was 78. Shad seemed deep at first but then started to come up. Put 4 rainbows between 15-18" in the boat with the largest weighting nearly 3 lbs. All were caught off downriggers between 20-40'.

Then went home, showered and drove to courtright for my first time. Caught a small rainbow and brown ripping large rapalas that night after dodging all of the big boulders that are around the lake. Next morning, outside temp was 37 and water was 64. Caught one little rainbow ripping and then switched to downriggers. Caught 4 rainbows and 1 brown between 25-40'. Water actually rose about 1 foot vertically and the wind nearly blew my tent into the water. Good times but was disappointed about the size of the fish.

Seems the high altitude lakes (edison/courtright)browns are a little skinny this year. Anyone else notice this??

08-22-2005, 09:13 AM
I went up again this Saturday to beat the heat and drink beer, with my brother. Got there about 230pm and decided to take the Dusy to the back of the lake, I realized we have no winch and only one rig so we turned around and carried the ice chest to the bank and det up shop. Fished/drank beer for an hour then bam bam bam. Two on worms one on PB. All 12-14''. Can you say dinner?? Wrapped em in foil with lemon pepper and threw them on the coals. A few minutes later I fished em out of the fire and whoa! screamin fish!!

Went to the bank at dusk and got cold since I had shorts and sandals. Went back to camp and drank some more beer and made some hotdogs then went to sleep.Fun trip with bro & it only took a little over a 1/4 tank in my 6cyl tacoma!!

Hey Byron what did you think?? Pretty lake huh? Look at my report a few pages back. How long and where did you fish? The back of the lake is where they were stacked up last week. I have noticed the browns are skinny, at Wishon some one nailed a 8lber right after it opened, pic should be at Wishon village. If you dont think there are big fish in those reservoirs check out the pics at the store. The big brown 10+ on the wall at FW is from Wishon.
Glad another sniffer is going up, better than some of the trash(people)showing up this year.

Oh yea me and my bro carried our ice chest to the day use area to find it packed! We smoke drink cuss and are aware of it so we try to put a good distance from us and the familys. This group 20+ came down (tons of kids) and pinched out this family who was fishing to our right. That kind of made us mad since we try to give everyone space. They had an inflatable raft packed down with 4 people and god knows what they were thinking. Courtright has nasty winds. Well the wind blew them into my brothers line. I helped them beach the boat since they had kids and told them its not the best idea to take out that raft. They switched people and tried again. Right then I caught a fish, once they saw the fish they tried to avoid our spot and were all excited(mostly kids). We caught three in about 2 hrs and left, their family was fishing all day not one bite.....Karma??? ;D

08-22-2005, 09:35 AM
glad to see you guys' reports. trolled back of Pine Flat last week, but was slow. 2 fish. banked it at Wishon Friday. Slow but got one 14" Brown near far side of dam during a couple of evening hours with my boys; floating crickets. Hear Courtright's nice but only banked it there once. Looking forward to fewer crowds this fall. blm

08-22-2005, 10:58 AM
Saw the people at the launch sat when i put in. Kids galore.

Its a nice like. Reminds me of the area up on tioga pass. Rainbows seemed to be up on top and down to about 30'. Browns were about 10' at night and seemed to drop down to structure after that. Marked a few big fish deep but they wouldn't bite my offerings.

Could have caught a lot of rainbows but we were trophy hunting with large rapalas at fast speeds off downriggers (gregor boat with the 30 honda). Looks like the only bait in the lake were the rainbows and browns so the large ones were on structure.

Probably will go back but only once the water level and temp has dropped a lot.

08-22-2005, 01:55 PM
If you want bigger fish do what your doing! You got it about the lower water levels, i always catch bigger fish after it drops.