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08-14-2005, 10:03 AM
Spent five nights camping this past week at the south shore of Eagle Lake with my brother and our families. Fished every morning from 6am to 9am to catch plenty of beautiful rainbows to 3 lbs. We used a variety of #1 and #2 needlefish and rapalas, the best producers were needlefish with variations of red. All were caught from the surface down to 35 feet on the wire.

Some pics below, that's me with the big minnow (tui chub), which we released. We kept all the trout due to the high PH level in the lake this time of year.

Weather was gorgeous, low 90s by day, upper 50s at night. Just an awesome area, hope you all get an opportunity to try this great fishery and enjoy the postcard scenery. Also saw a few osprey having some success with their own style of fishing.

Cheers, Tim


My son Erik with a nice catch...


Brother Dan with a fat hen...


Tui Chub

08-14-2005, 03:25 PM
BC, good report. can not wait to get back up there myself. Sometime in Sept.