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08-12-2005, 11:23 AM
Hi Again,

Thanks for all of your posts about going to Eagle Lake (I've been looking in the archives too). Thanks!!

I'm thinking about renting a boat while I'm up there but usually have quite a time catching fish from a boat. For one thing how do you identify places where the fish are? I usually can't tell b/c every thing is submerged.

I've drifted a night crawler from a canoe but from a motor boat, how do you get your lure down? How do you tell what depth you're lure is running? How do you get your speed right?

Any advise would be appreciated.


08-12-2005, 12:47 PM

I've rented a boat at Eagle lake and got skunked last year. I know that the private boats I saw up there were using downriggers whereas I was only dragging a nightcrawler with a splitshot.

Perhaps you should purchase one of those portable downriggers, this way you'll know what depth your lures are working. Also, if it's anything like Kokanee fishing you'll want to get to 1.2 mph...give or take.

08-12-2005, 04:05 PM
Normally you would need a fishfinder to identify where the fish are and at what depths. Then you normally use a downrigger to get to depths deeper than 10' unless your using leadcore.
Your strategy on how to fish from a rented boat should depend upon the time of year your fishing. The later in the year you go the shallower the fish are found in the North end of the lake. If your going between Oct - Dec you could just troll along the tules and be very successful and therefore wouldn't need either a fishfinder or downrigger. The other method from the rented boat could be bobber fishing in the tules which also works well.

As far as getting the crawler down you can either go "naked" with just a crawler and split shot or small sliding sinker if your trolling near the tules. Usually the depths around the tules are from 5' to 10' deep. As you go further out into the bays you could add a dodger which will get you down far enough to get bites.

There are Eagle Lake maps you can buy at most fishing stores that show the various fishing depths of the lake that will at least give you an idea of the depths in the areas you are fishing. This way you can adjust what your using to fit the depths your fishing.

As far as speed to be trolling you should be around 1 to 1.5 mph. With the rental boats the motors aren't that big and you can just put the throttle at its lowest setting. If you look at the shore and imagine you are walking at a normal pace then your at the right speed. The people where you rent the boat should be able to tell you where the throttle needs to be for trolling speed.

Good Luck! :D

08-13-2005, 09:15 AM
Eagle is a no brainer. Get you two rods one loaded with leadcore for trolling, the other a light or ultralight with 6 or 8 # mono. I then put a 20 to 50 ft. leader of flourocarbon on both. For trolling use rapalas {f7} I think is what Bite Me uses, Orange, black/gold and black/silver. I have done well with trolling flies, black, red ,orange and cinnamin. Speedy shinners, Neddlefish. Your best bet is to ask at the marina where, what with, and how deep. Once you are on the lake look for all of the boats. If you want to bobber fish look for the fleet usually at the Eagles nest. Ease in drop anchor and ask someone how deep? If you don't know how to rig a slip bobber get some and practice at home. For good local updated info go to eaglelakefishing.info. Get Vals fishing report and map of the lake. Watch that report daily before you go. If you do this you should catch fish. If I can help in any way PM me. Good luck and catch a limit. ;) Rick