View Full Version : Southern Cali Lake Fulmor

08-01-2005, 04:49 PM
New fishing spot for my boy & I this weekend.
Fish Lake Fulmor in the San Jacinto Mountains at 6500 ft or so.
Started at 4:30pm.
The lake is small float tubes and swimming.1/2 mile or so around.
Wilderness permit needed for parking $3.
There were 20 or more people fishing the whole lake 20 or so camping and picknicking..
Tried pbait and pw eggs with wax worms sliding sinker at 3' leader.
Waters about 20' deep no takers on pbaits.
Tried a perch kastmaster fish on.
Zach spun he , she in for the 1st c&ring.
Got 1 more on the kastmaster and then they might of become wise. ???
Setup a bubble and a trout trap in black & white 4' leader, put it out and fish on. Zach brings it in back in it goes.
We normally keep a couple for dinner but we just got 10 lbs of Yellow tail so fish was not needed.
We ended up getting 6 total and needed to get back.
For the boaters there a lake call Diamond Valley lake down here that holds some nice trout with pink meat. It's about 150 to 270' at the deepest and gets stocked during the winter. ohh and Bass of course.
So there it is.
Have not been fishing in a good mounth or more.
We both needed it.
troutslayer 8)