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FS Marketing
03-11-2010, 05:23 PM
We like hearing from you and you gotta know I am hearing from many of you....

As soon as we get caught up with cleaning up the login and password reset issues I will begin working on the layout.

The previous YaBB forum was getting out of hand and forced us to move forward ahead of schedule as we were up to over 4 billion files on the server from how YaBB stores its data. The new forums runs off a secure database and once things get ironed out all will be a lot better.

Meanwhile we are very busy sorting out who needs help first...everyone is important to us and we are very disappointed at how this has transpired but things happen and I am hearing the good with the bad. Some of our members are showing patience with us and some are not. Out of 16 thousand plus members we feel we have some of the best members anyone could ask for.

If you notice there is a home page on the forums....something new along with the blog feature. Keep your eye on those sections as there will be lots of new information flowing across those sections.

Thanks again for your input....

Best regards,