View Full Version : Del Valle insight appreciated 3/24/10

03-25-2010, 12:05 AM
Hello all,

First off let me say nice to meet you guys as I just joined this site. Im a pleasanton native, been fishing the cliffs, back lakes, and del valle pretty much my whole life. Shadow cliffs has always been touch-and-go, but ive managed, back lakes same thing, but Ive always been pretty solid at Del Velle, whether banking or in the water. My problem is everything is slowing down for me there and Im wondering if anyone else has had the same issues or if anyone has any insight they might be able to pass on. Im between boats right now so Im usually on the shore (deer hollow, and now east shore since the water is so high). Im hearing that the usual bite is 0600-0700hrs and after that it slows? ive been lucky to pull out two trout in a day lately, and bass have been slow for me. Im hearing the south end is the place to be right now, on eggs and worms, and natural colored rapalas, does this sound right? As I said, Ive been trying for bass too but ive been told they are still in pre-spawn? im in a drought and my buddies are beginning to think im a fake fisherman so any advice would be greatly appreciated! Nice to meet all you, goodluck, and i wish i found this site sooner. Take care.

P.S-For those who fish shadow cliffs, Im so disappointed the back lakes are now closed, there goes some good summer cover bass fishing :mad2: