View Full Version : Shasta (3/24)

03-25-2010, 09:08 AM
TC and I put in at Packers around 7am and headed over to the McCloud. The lake looks totally different than the last time I fished it in late October last year, about 28' from crest. Storm front coming in this afternoon and it was cold and windy. Started trolling the west shore where the McCloud dumps into the Pit. Not marking many fish, water temp was 50 degrees. As we were approaching Holiday Harbor more fish starting to show. My rod went off when we were directly in front of Holiday Harbor, ripping drag and felt heavy. I was starting to gain on him and all of a sudden TC's stacked rig went off, first double of the season. TC's fish came in pretty quick and he netted about a 13" King. I finally got my fish to the boat and it turned out to be a 16.5" Brown but he was hooked in the side just behind the gill plate, two in the box. TC was using a UV Pink Apex at 30' and I was using a Rainbow Apex at 23'. Trolled over to the opposite bank and my stacked rig went off (White Wiggle Hoochie at 15'). Fat 16" Eagle Lake Bow. TC and I both had one LDR. Finally thawed out around 1pm and called it a day.