View Full Version : I knew better...

04-14-2010, 01:57 PM
...than to believe the weather forecast. It was supposed to be partly cloudy with a light breeze. So I decided to go to Folsom for a couple hours just to see if I could get one of those kings I'm always hearing about. Launched at Folsom Point and trolled with the wind parallel with the dam. Put a cop-car needlefish down 25' behind a small dodger with a liitle scent. Also toplined a J9 rapala in brown trout color. Picked up a nice bow on the rapala. Nothing on the needlefish so I brought in in and toplined an orange grub tipped with a piece of nightcrawler and that did the trick. A bigger bow (18" or so) took it. By this time the wind was blowing pretty good and rain was coming down sporadically so I headed in. The lake lice were making appearances too. By the time I got to the ramp it was calm and sunny...go figure! I'm not really a fan of Folsom so I probably won't be back anytime soon unless I find someone to show me where to find those kings.