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04-18-2010, 10:36 PM
On Sat my daughter and I fished next to the swim beach from 0500-1000. It was calm and overcast all morning. First bite started late around 0700 to the angler to my left which was a 12incher. Then it was quiet for 30mins then finally I got my bite, usual 12incher. Overall it was slow and I had 2-3 nibbles but no takers. The angler to my left got 4 before I left.
Only 1 on the stringer.


Then on Sunday we woke up late. Only my son wanted to go fishing. So we got there by 1030 and it was warmer and sunnier than yesterday. We went to the peninsula this time. Around 1100 we got a bite and it was FISH ON! My son reeled it in and as it got closer to shore it wrapped around a tree. Before I can try to reach for it with my net it got off. Looking at it was a another 12incher or so. Then I started to get nibbles where one pole's bobber would go up a few inches and thats it. As I was holding that pole waiting for it to bite again a different pole's bobber would go up. Then I put the pole I was holding down to grab the other one but that was it too. No more bite. This went on about 5-6 times within a 30mins time span. My son and I would be holding the poles waiting for the follow up bite but it would never bite again. Then as we were about to pack up at 1300 one of my pole's bobber goes all the way and pops off the line and my bass rod starts doing the bendo. I grabbed it and set the hook and the only thing it did was pull my drag. As I was reeling it in I noticed the fish was already close to shore but far left. I thought to myself that I casted that bait out far and was wondering how that fish got close to shore already. Anyways, I kept reeling it in but it was pulling my drag faster than I can reel so I tightened my drag even more. By this time the fish was already 10 yards to my left and under other people's lines. I was unable to reel in the fish so I started going to the fish was which was headed towards the submerged christmas trees about 20 yards from where I was. I had to duck under 6-8 poles to get to the fish was. And I couldnt believe my 6lb leader line hasn't snapped because it was still pulling my drag even though it was tight. Then after a few minutes trying to prevent the fish from going to the trees the line snapped, well I thought it did. Boy what a fight I just had! This was something that I have never experienced. So as I was reeling in my line I saw some other fishing line knotted around my braided line. This fishing line had a cleo lure and a 3/4inch long scale stuck on its hook. It was all tangled up so we had to pull in the rest of my line. As I was pulling it the line was now coming in from my right but my fish got off was way left of me. So we pulled it in and I saw my leader line completely intact. Then it hit us. The fish was actually on that cleo lure which snagged my test braided line. Also, the fish scale on the hook must be from a very big carp since it was about 3/4inch long. Well without for that carp not hitting our lines, keeping us on our toes and finally snagging it at the end it would have been a boring day but nice day.

Here's my son multi-tasking watching the poles and playing his nintendo DS.
Until next time FISH ON!

NorthBay Troutster
04-19-2010, 07:32 AM
Thats a great report matt. Crazy some of the stories that have been coming out. Fish on ill see you out there soon!