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04-30-2010, 10:36 PM
scotts flatt 4 - 30

the wife and i went out to scotts flat for some afternoon fishin. i stopped and got a gold dodger for trollin today. im kind of new to trolling so im tryin new things out. i usually troll with repalas, and a flasher with a worm. ive been experimenting with different weights on the line for fishing different depths, since i dont have a downrigger. so for today i started off with a repala trout colored diipped in some scent about 150 ft back . next i had the gold dodger with a 1 oz weight, and a worm about 2 feet back. on the other pole i had the same set up but with a inline spinner. i got some 4 lb test for my leader. we got out to the lake about 430 5 this afternoon. got the lines out and got the first fish in about ten min. i thenk the new scent dip i got might be workin. it was a stocker about 12 - 14 in. next we got a hit on the gold dodger and the fish got a free worm. ended up catchin two more fish (one native) on the gold dodger with a worm and lost two others in the fight. had about two hits on the flasher. i had about five hits on the gold dodger with no hook ups and it think that its because i was using a small single hook, so i switched to a treble. Does anyone have any experience trolling with weights and know what the correct line length to weight ratios are.
ie: (90 ft with 2 oz weight = 10ft deep)
and is it better to run the weight directly in line or more like a dropshot?
oh and one other thing i cant seem to get a bite after the sun goes off the water. any suggestions?555

Trout Tracker
05-01-2010, 02:48 AM
Glad you got into fish.
I don't have riggers on my boat either.But i use a lead core set up with 30ft of flora carbon line tied to the leadcore.
When i'm useing my toplineing set up and want to get deeper i use keel sinkers.I attach the keel sinker to the snap swivel then the dodger or blades to that.
Im sure that others on the board will chime in.