View Full Version : Quarry Lake 5-01-10

05-01-2010, 02:52 PM
Okay I hit up Quarry again this morning. I went to the peninsula around 8:00am. It was my brother in law, my daughter and myself. We started on the right side of where the land goes into a point into the water where the trees stick out. There was another man on the point actually standing in the water with his poles on a stand. As soon as we got there the man on the left hooked one and not even a minute later there was a couple on the right of us who caught one and missed one. We had 3 poles. 2 with white power balls and 1 with green. About an hour and a half into it the man in the water hooked 2 more and he must of had his limit. So we moved over to give it a try. Around 10:30 my brother in law had a bite but it turned out to be nothing. We didnt get any other bites so I decided to try the other side. I had to leave at noon and around 11:15 I had a bite but once again nothing. Then at 11:53 I got a nice bite and landed one about 15inches. I was using GREEN power balls. All day long on the white power balls we got nothing but as soon as I switched to green I got a bite and 1 fish. So there it is. I'm going to give it another try next week. If anyone has any tips please let me know. Later!

05-01-2010, 04:01 PM
At that exact spot I had luck with 2 chartruese power balls (heh) and a white power worm and green power balls with an orange power worm on a 3 ft leader. See u there!