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05-01-2010, 08:47 PM
Fished from 0500-0900 at Indian cove. Met LuckyIrishFan there as well as NorthBayTroutser who came later and had to fish somewhat further away from us since the bank pretty got filled up really early around 0630.
First FISH ON went to LIF who got a bite right after he casted out at 0520. He didn't even get a chance to put his bobber on when he felt a tap tap. Another angler caught one too soon after. Around 0630 more about 4 more fish were caught left of me. By 0700 I finally got a piece of the action, well a nibble that is....didn't take. Moments later my 2nd poles gets a nibble but still doesn't take it. I told myself the next time that happened that I would just set the hook to see if I can get that fish thats teasing. Soon after I get a nibble and I set the hook but felt nothing. As I reeled it in I see that my leader line broke but what's weird that I didn't feel any resistance when I set the hook. Anyways, this happened a 2nd time. The 3rd time I set the hook I finally felt something tugging it but came off. When I reeled in my line I see my leader line broke again! Wow, I sure was having technical difficulties with my tackle. So I tied on a new leader line and when I casted it out my braided line broke and sent my sinker way out out into the lake, almost hitting a passing boater. Another technical difficulty again but was laughing with the anglers on the bank on how far I sent that sinker out.
Well as I was tying on a new set-up LIF hooks a big one which the fish went way far right of him. He had to go under at least 6 poles to get to where the fish was and he didn't even tangle nor bother other people's lines. Jeff you sure have the finesse and skills to reeling in that fish! Well I net the fish for him and it was of better size probably close to 2.5lbs. As he was getting the hook out of that fish we see another leader line in his mouth. So we took that out and we found it was my leader line that broke just recently. We all had a laugh and someone joked that I should get a piece of that fish, well at least half a fillet. Well I got my hook and bait back but not the fish...ha ha ha..
It seemed the bite really slowed down after 0830. Biggest fish I saw caught was probably a 3.5#er on the opposite side of Indian Cove. Went home with 2 on the stringer by 0900. Overall it was a great day out on the water with great company and lots of laughs.
Jeff and Mike ~ looking forward to fishing with you guys again! Until next time FISH ON!

05-01-2010, 10:12 PM
Matt, great report on Chabot and sounds like you guys had a great time!!! I use to love fishing there, but since my last skunk there and seeing a ton of Cormorant birds hanging around, I rather fish at Quarry for now. Do you know if the Derby started there yet? Maybe, once that starts, I may give it another try, since I know they plant some nice lunkers in there for the Derby.


05-02-2010, 12:24 AM
Great report Matt, I enjoyed reading it:). I also had a fun time fishing with you and Mike, we'll have to do it again soon. Take Care and FISH ON:grin:!!!

05-02-2010, 05:35 AM
Brought my 9 yr old daughter for fishing May 1 in Lake Chabot (she enjoys fishing and very patient) she caught two good sized trouts (2 pounder) using a firetiger rapala trolling along racoon point 1st one was after 3PM we tried to circle back on the same point and caught the 2nd one after 30mins. After the two there were no more bites and decided to go home at 6PM after fishing for 4 hrs.

This is our first time in Lake Chabot and after reading through blogs we wanted to make sure our first trip is good and heard that trolling is the way to go and for sure it was a good fishing day for us (at least for her . . .bec I didnt catch any fish...I guess the fish only bites on firetigers? I was using a brown I dont know what brand crappy lure...unfortunately we only have 2 and gave my daughter the better one) Also, after reading further I realize that half moon bay is a better place to do trolling. Maybe we could have hit a limit if we went there.

Just wondering if I can get some advice. What kind of set-up is good aside from trolling when you are in a boat in Chabot? also what kind of bait and set-up is good when fishing along the shore and where should we fish?


05-02-2010, 08:13 AM
Matt good job hooking up. It's crazy when 1 fisherman brakes off and then another fisherman on the shore reels in a fish that has the 1st guys leader in it. Let's try and set up a trip to Chabot or Quarry so if I get skunked I might at least get to see some fellow sniffers catch some fish. Hopefully they are still planting some nice fish at Chabot.

05-02-2010, 04:36 PM
Ronazcar, great report:wink:!!! It's great when we as anglers take the time to bring our kids with us to learn and enjoy what FISHING is all about. As for your questions: Trolling...when I get a chance to get on a boat I like to use bright colored Panther Martin/Rooster Tail lures or broke back Rapalas(or any Rapalas). And if all else fails I love to use the good ol Kastmasters:D. If I drop anchor...I like to use my Kastmasters (silver or gold, or my favorite is my silver Kastmaster with a white feather tail) or I use my shore set up. Bank/Shore fishing...Set up your poles with a Carolina Rig set up. Now, depending on what you like to use either a single hook or treble hook its up to you. I personally use the treble hook for Powerbait, it holds onto it much better than the single hooks...at least in my experiences. I personally use a Size 6 single hook, but there are hooks at Walmart or any fishing stores with pre-made hook and leader line set up for you already. I personally snell my hooks, and I like to set up my own leader line. Once you have your pole set up, you could use anything from Nightcrawlers, power worms, power eggs, salmon eggs, marshmallows, etc. The important thing to always remember is to have the length of your leader line at least 12-18 inches, depending on how the fish is biting. There will be times when the fish will bite on a long leader line, and maybe later the fish will be biting on a short leader line, just feel it out and work around it. Last, if you have any questions just go anywhere at Chabot and there is always someone willing to help you out. I'm mostly at Indian Cove, and I always wear something Notre Dame. Good Luck and FISH ON:grin:!!!

05-02-2010, 08:15 PM
LuckyIrishFan, thank you so much for the valuable advice. I showed it to my daughter and she's excited to go back in Chabot....We will definitely be back there within the month