View Full Version : Bon Tempe 5-3-10

05-03-2010, 08:10 PM
Got to Bon Tempe today after 3 and it was a beautiful sunny day but a little windy.

1st hour and a half no bites what so ever on orange power bait, blue fox 3/16 lure or white power eggs. I finally decided to put on new power eggs and the bite turened on simutaneously. First fish was the biggest a fat 14 inch 1 lb. 3 ounce rainbow.

After getting the hook out and getting back in the water I got another fish which was about 11 inches but a bleeder so I kept it.

I was dipping the 2 white power eggs in Berkely Trout Attractant. About 10 minutes after I put this setup back out I got another fish on which was about 9 inches and barely hooked so she was released.

Had a bite on my other pole using orange power bait but I was busy releasing the small fish. My final fish, a 1 pounder came a little bit before 5.

After that I had 1 more bite then the commorants came to town and the bite died completely. Started out slow but after getting my first fish there was 30-40 munutes of solid action. 4 fish caught, 1 released, and 2 missed bites. Got them fillet ready to smoke and I will be heading back tommorow fishing the same area in the early morning.

05-04-2010, 06:32 AM
Way to Go Kevin...
You should have at least 2 on the stringer right about now. :fishing1:

I went to Luchesi Park last night for an hour or so.. hooked 2 bass at a couple pounds a piece. Then set-up on one a little larger and snapped the line. lost my fav spinnerbait.

oh wait... this is the trout board... nevermind about the bass...