View Full Version : 5.6.10 Awesome Monster Browns, Mackinaws and Planter Bows at Lake Tahoe

Gene St. Denis
05-09-2010, 05:52 AM
http://www.imhooked.com/forumsyabb/Templates/Forum/default/thumbup.gif (http://www.imhooked.com/cgi-bin/forumsyabb/YaBB.pl?num=1273322835/0#0) 5.6.10 Tahoe Big Browns + Macks Wolf Pack Topline
Yesterday at 5:47am

Had the day off and trolled in front of Logan to Zephyr Cove Shelf Area for a single Day of Awesome Action !!! Trolling a ten Inch trophy Stick and 9 inch Cd Mag Ran into a Hunting Lake Trout Pod and Had a Great Time with a Hit or Fish every Pass !! Netted 2 browns 3 and 6 pounds and Netted 5 mackinaw 7 to 12 pounds . Lost a nice 8/10 pound Brown as it leaped All over new mexico and Tossed the Lure !! Lost 6 total. Kept 2 Macks at ten Pounds Each as they were bleeding bad. 30 to 80 feet and worked some Holes along the Blue Line . Lost one over 20 at the boat as ti was Thrashing real good !! Had 2 mackinaw Jump and clear the Water Like tarpoon !!! Crazy day to say the least !! Yesterday,slower, but still Good fish, took Super Steve out , from Steves fishing and netted a 10 Pound Mackinaw for him and a 12 pounder for me and a 8 pounder for my son Eric later.... Lubed up with smelly jelly eg and krill . Bouncing bottom once in a while . Full of rainbows, crawdads, and shrimp. Cave rock is Now 5 to 9 !!! The Big News is that the Nevada Division of Wildlife Planted 4,000 Rainbows of 8 to 10 Inchs on Tues. April 27, 2010 At Cave Rock!!! The Big Ten Inch TrophySticks Work only once in a While and when they Do then it is FEEEEDIng Time !!! I Only Had One in Kokanee Salmon.... so the Cd Mag was the next best thing..To Run With It .... And the Stick was a 5 to 1 Fish in Net versus the Rapala. I run them Once in a While to See if SomeMonster Mackinaw and Browns Have Gone " Hunter Killer".... But , that Could Flop Over The Other Way Easy.... Or .......They Like Some Lure Way Smaller.......and with a Pink Skirt....and a Ribbon.... .. Be flexable...... It is Not About You....... Rather , it is About the Fish and it's Age and Knowledge... " It's Needs ".. to be Sure.....This single fact.... Rules the Day of Every Angler on Every Water....... On Lake Tahoe , The First Plant of the Year here... Always triggers the InShore Feeding frenzy.....or " Wolf Packing" of Monster Mackinaws and Big Browns.... And It is a long Waited Event by Local Anglers......This Also Signals the Return of the Spring Inshore Growth of Life and Age Old Annual Spawning Cycles...Aloha and See You Out There .... On The Big Blue !! gst http://www.imhooked.com/forumsyabb/Templates/Forum/default/cool.gif

05-09-2010, 08:09 AM
Dang sounds like an awsome day!! Pics are always good though!:naughty: