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05-09-2010, 07:41 PM
* Got out to scotts flat on friday for a weekend of campin and fishin.* got to the campsite around 3pm.* there was a couple fishin at our campspot when we showed up with a full stringer.* we let them finish up fishin while we set up the tents and got the boat launched.* it was just me and my buddy ryan who were there first, so while we were waiting for the others we decided to go out and troll.* we trolled for about 20 min got one bite and one fish in(about a 12" bow).* then his wife showed up so it was back to the camp forsome shore fishin.* we threw out the lines and waited.* and waited, but no bites and no trout for the rest of the night.* at dark i changed up the lines for catfish.* ended up with three that night(all about 2# each).* the next day we started shore fishing early around 6am.* i threw out worms with a green egg and powerbait to catch 2, 1 on each set up. around noon we set out for a troll and got one more.* but i needed mor fish because i planned on havin fish tacos for dinner,* so we set up the shore fishin again and got in about 4 more(enough for tacos)* that night we had fish tacos and caught a few more catfish.* sunday mornin we packed up, but i had to have my poles in the water.* we caught* a few more trout and my buddy mike caught a nice 4lb smally on a floatin worm.* that fish sure fought good( jumping twice).* After everone left my buddy mike and i decided we'd troll for about an hour before we left and im sure glad we did.* we landed about 9 fish in an hour and a half.* we couldnt even get all of our lines out in the water when another fish would get on.* this is when my buddy mike caught the biggest trout if the weekend, about 18".* it was an awsome weekend for fishin we ended up with about 25 trout and 6 cats.* we ate about 7 trout and the rest were thrown back for yall to catch( even the big one).* thanks for all your advice before the trip it sure helped

05-11-2010, 09:03 AM
Glad to here you had a good time great report.

05-11-2010, 06:30 PM
Hey "LS". Frountier Guy and I got out around 8:30 this AM. only boat on the water all morning. We started just outside the launch ramp area and trolled towards the dam and accross got 1 hit and miss by the orange floats then 1 in the box (small bow) close to Cascade Shores launch. tried a couple more runs and NADA. went on up towards the inlet just past the 5mph bouy and started getting hits all Bows, 7 in all in the box. used red wedding rings w/ 1/2 NC behind SEPs sidewinders, about 50/60 yds back and about 15' down. These planters sure have a soft mouth, set the hook to hard and their gone, don't set it and they throw it. "What're you gonna do? the weather was unusual, some wind, some sun, some clouds, Had fun this trip in CA. head'n for Arizona Thurs. the back to Oregon on the 1st. :oregonian_winesmile
You guys have a great summer fishing (Catching, I mean) :action-smiley-063: See you again in Aug. leave a few fish for me.:smiley:
PS: if you get up to Oregon this summer ( Florence) drop me a note and maybe I can take you fishing on one of our great lakes for trout, rivers or the ocean for salmon.
see you on the water