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05-15-2010, 08:11 PM
I took a little trip today to check out the launch conditions at EL Marina...not good...the dock on the left side has been extended just as it was last year...the docks have been moved and attached to the ramp perpindicular at the end...there are rocks sticking out of the water out about 30 feet in the water from the end of the ramp...so, one has to launch a boat tight near the dock...it is deceiving, because there is about 2ft of water where the boat would be launched...however, about 40 ft out, the water shallows to about 6 inches deep...this goes on about 20-25 feet...then it gets a little deeper...smaller boats will have to be walked out...larger boats???????talked to the camp host at Merrill campground...he said the lake is 2ft lower than at this time last year...

05-16-2010, 05:51 AM
Bummer... we were up there last year June and thought it was bad then. Might have to rethink our trip this year. Thanks for the update.

05-17-2010, 09:34 AM
Tim Nixon said on the Sep show that the water level is 2 1/2 feet higher than last Oct and Pine Creek is flowing good.

05-17-2010, 12:15 PM
sad to hear these reports keep coming in, gonna be a rough year it sounds like for the people with bigger boats.. im a shore guy, so ill be sticking it from the shore for the opener then ill be back in the fall when the water cools off..

05-17-2010, 09:33 PM
You can see some pictures of the launch conditions at EL Marina I referred to in my original post at www.eaglelakefishing.net (http://www.eaglelakefishing.net). Click on "ramp conditions"