View Full Version : Collins lake tomorrow 5/21

05-20-2010, 02:14 PM
I am going to be bank fishing for trout at Collins Lake tomorrow. Wife gave me the green light to go fishing so it's on like Donkey Kong. Anyone have any tips or advice for this lake. I wish I could bring my boat but thanks to the guy that got his green braided line wrapped up in my prop and screwed up my lower unit I will be banking it but happy to just be fishing. Any tips or advice for this lake is greatly appreciated.

05-21-2010, 09:11 AM
Just saw your post probey to late but pink PB all around the marina,be sore an use the floating kind,also PB,mini marshmellows,an mini crawler combo,swim beach an dock area also,for lures try kastmasters blu an sliver,face of dam is good also.Don

05-21-2010, 03:16 PM
Thanks for the tip. I'll try the pink Powerbait next time out there. I ended up fishing near the Dam and had a couple bites but no takers on a nightcrawler. Got bored by the Dam and fished by the swim area with a nightcrawler on one rod and rainbow powerbait on the other. Saw a couple nice trout swim by in the shallows but not even a bite. Oh well I always say even the worst day of fishing is better than the best day of working.

05-21-2010, 04:09 PM
Grant,welcome to Collins lake fishing,I know pros that get the big kitty there,an the bank fishing is always tough unless you know a honey spot or get lucky,an with the weather we are in its just plain hit as miss,you should try an come up for our Collins Fest on the week of the 19th of June,(see Fishbuckets post on trout board)bring the family an friends an maybe learn a little bout fishing Collins.Don