View Full Version : selling Midland Nautico 1 VHF radio and accessories

05-27-2010, 02:06 PM
When I moved to Idaho from Nevada, I bought this Midland Nautico 1 radio because I thought with all the lakes and rivers I'd be fishing in, it would be the radio to have. I used to fish Lake Tahoe allot, and had a built in vhf radio in my boat, but I sold the boat before I left Nevada and the radio went with it. After I moved to Idaho, I bought another boat, and then bought this radio, which I found is rather useless here because most people use CB's or VRS radios. So I'm letting this radio go. I installed it in my boat, and after two trips, I found that no one used this frequency. I'm asking $50 plus shipping or a good reasonable offer.
Here is what it looks like.
It has the ac and dc chargers, plus the headset with mic, and the stand to set it in.