View Full Version : Lake Almanor Pen Project--update

Fisheries Advocate
06-11-2010, 04:09 PM
Everyone knows the great fishery at Lake Almanor, but do you know the partnership that keeps enhancing the fishery? Almanor Fishing Association vollenters have been the foundation for this program. 50,000 eagle lake rainbows are grown in the pens from October to May and then released into the lake. Fish and Game provides the fish, Kokanee Power has provided the food, and AFA feeds the fish all winter. The cages are over 2o year old and this year had to be rebuilt at a cost of over $25,000. A partnership between AFA, Kokanee Power, PG&E, CIFFI and Fish and Game have stepped in to rebuild the pens. I have attached a picture of a pen so you can see how big they are.
We all know that to save our fishery, we all must work together to help maintain and improve our fishery. Remember to support these organizations and keep asking them to help improve the fishery in your local lake... Inland Fisheries Advocate