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06-16-2010, 10:54 PM
*Was going to post pics, but I can't find the cable to connect my fancy new waterproof camera that we took for the first time. I'll stick them in tomorrow if I can find it.*

How many trout do they put in this lake? Seriously... last plant was like 5-6 weeks ago and everybody's still pulling out nice fish right and left. The short version: Easy limits for trout on powerbait and/or inflated crawlers on the bottom in about 25 feet in the Forbes Creek arm, especially early and late on windier days. Most fish had nice firm orange meat and thicker fillets. Trollers weren't getting limits, and some were barely catching anything, especially in the wind. Water temp 63.

Girlfriend and I got out of town late Thursday and got to the campground close to midnight. Woke up the next morning, put the portabote together and headed out. As soon as the sun was shining, the wind started to howl and didn't let up. Tried trolling wedding rings and needlefish and got nothing so we just cruised the lake looking around for a while. In the Shirttail creek arm I saw what looked like a huge lure at first, a white fish swimming in a spiral. When I couldn't find an angler pulling it, we followed it in thinking it might be a mortally wounded trout. When we got in close we saw that there was a very dead trout being dragged around by a very nice big fat rainbow on some kind of sabiki-like rig. We chased him around for maybe 15 minutes before I managed to snag his line, pull him in and cut him free. He had a line going in his mouth and one coming out his butt; I just cut him as loose as possible on both ends and set him loose. We saw the bait fisherman doing awesome so we headed into the Forbes Creek arm and gave it a shot. All around us bankers were pulling in quick limits, but we only had two tiny nibbles and no fish.

We went back in and made lunch. As it got into early evening Friday, we went back out again and anchored up in the same creek arm. We caught 5 bows, decent-sized at 11-12 inches and mostly pretty fat; I think 4 were powerbait and one was a suspended nightcrawler. As it got dark we went back in. Cleaned the fish and were delighted with the firm, thick orange meat fillets.

Saturday the lake was definitely more crowded. Got up early and tried the same thing, but the howling wind was such a pain that we just tied up and fished from shore. This time we did great, limited out in maybe 2-3 hours, about half on powerbait and half on inflated crawlers. The crawlers definitely took the larger fish on average. Biggest was 1.1 lbs. As we cleaned them, we found that the skinnier fish had nothing in their bellies, and the fatter ones had combinations of pine needles, bugs and crayfish. The bigger fish were loaded with crayfish, but there seemed to be no pattern to the pine needles. Sure did pull out a LOT of pine needles...

Headed back out Saturday evening to track down some bass. I hadn't seen any yet, but figured the west shore of the main lake body was the place to be, as it had waaay more structure than most of the lake. We caught 3, all around 10-11 inches, and if I recall correctly all on cranks. I figured that with the massive numbers of trout being pulled out I might get a good hit on a trout swimbait, but that didn't work out. I guess all the trout-eaters were full, which would make sense. One of the little guys I hooked hit the surface and a very big bass cruised by for a look with his top fin out of the water, pulling off an awesome shark-attack look. It got dark and we stopped getting bites and went in.

Sunday we were tired and got up a little later. Very little wind. Hopped in the boat to see if we could find the bass in the morning. Went back to west shore but didn't find anything. Tried the similar area between the dam and ramp and nothing there either. Spotted several schools of bass running mostly 9-12 inches between the ramp and Forbes Creek but didn't hook into anything. Went back into Forbes Creek Arm for trout, caught one on a kastmaster before we got tired and went in for a nap. When we woke up it was HOT, jumped in the boat and zipped to the rope swing for a cooldown, then back to Forbes Creek for 6 more trout, all but one on powerbait.

Fishing Sunday was MUCH SLOWER for just about everyone. I think the fish were feeding steadily all day all over the lake with no wind, so nobody had a shot at them concentrated by time and location. In all this boredom, I started using my second pole to try for the bass that had suddenly shown up right above the dropoffs. Had some followers but no takers. One follower on a thunderstick was a smallish bluegill, probably the most aggressive bluegill I've ever seen. Caught him on purpose, and later when I dropped my crawler in the water to check flotation I inadvertently caught his baby brother. Sent the gills back home, they're so cute and cuddly!

Didn't fish on Monday but it looked the same as Sunday, both from weather and fishing perspective. I think the lack of wind those two days finally gave the trollers an edge over the bait fishermen.

06-17-2010, 03:57 PM

trolled all day with wedding rings, castmasters,dick nites, flashers w/worms, tazzs, and a lot more junk. Ended up with nada! Only about 4 boats on the lake. It was a fun day any way.