View Full Version : What Has Happened To Lake Chabot?

07-11-2010, 09:28 AM
Does anyone know what the heck has happened to Lake Chabot? I have not fished there in about 2 years. Last time was Nov.08 and I caught one trout. Yesterday I took my two kids we rode bikes at 3 pm (about 75 degrees with strong breeze) and rode to Raccoon Point off the dock. We were the only ones fishing there. We fished 2 hours without a bite. We were fishing for catfish. I used Mackerel and also had a trout line out with power bait. Granted we only fished for 2 hours as by 6:15 or so my boys were bored with no bites. Chabot had just planted 500 lbs of Cats a few days prior. I know fishing from 4pm to 6 is not prime time as I was hoping to stay til at least 8 or so. But you would think dunking mackerel anywhere near that end of the lake after a plant would result in a bite or two and a cat or two.
Also not one bite on the trout pole. The snack bar mentioned it has been very slow. What the heck? Even early morning and late evening/night for cats/trout/bass? In the Summer when those 3 species of fish should be thriving and being caught? How can this be? Is this lakes fishing dying? I am not sure I will ever fish there again in the summer unless I hear of a super great Cat bite in the evening or early AM. I do know the lake is pretty good at times from November thru early spring for trout with a window of day break til about 10am and the late evening bite. But this is pretty bad right now in my eyes. From the dock I dunked a mini crawler for 2 hours moving it here and there with a bobber and without and saw many small bass (2 to 4 inches) and you mean to tell me not one small bass or a bluegill or crappie would touch the bait? Strang