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Captain Compassion
09-03-2010, 07:55 PM
Fished 2 warm and beautiful days with Mariahpup in Eastern California. We visited 4 rivers and 1 lake catching 46 trout between us. The mix included Rainbows, Brookies and Browns to near 3 pounds. The fish were caught on Panther Martins, Gulp, salmon eggs and small plastics.

09/02/10 - Met up with Bill at the 89 Bridge on the W. Carson and made our first fishing stop across from the Hope Valley CG. Here we caught a couple of small bows then moved up to Red Lake where a there was good action on the Brookies. Next back down the W. Carson where we got stocker Bows at several of the bridges. Up through Markleeville we made several stops at E. Carson locations but didn't fish. Back down to Minden where we had Mrs. Andersons famous Tri Tip sandwiches for lunch. Back up on the West Carson for some afternoon fishing. The Idea was to fish from the bottom of the canyon up. We didn't get by our first stop. Here we found that a quantity of trout had magically appeared. We scrambled down the bank and had good action on Browns in the 1 to 3 pound class. Mixed in with the browns was one huge Rainbow. After targeting him for awhile we gave up and concentrated on the browns. A while latter the big bow started acting funny and took off down stream at a blistering pace. It was a couple of seconds until I discovered that the fish was on my line. After fighting the fish down stream for a couple of minutes the fish headed up stream. Instead of heading to the top of the pool the fish made a hard right and entered the tangled downed branches and willows at the side of the river. The fish was soon tangled. Bill wades out in a valiant effort to free the fish but it was soon gone. Estimated size 8 to 10 pounds. The after work crowds came and we soon left. Back down to Minden where Bill was to be a guest at Casa Compassion for the night. Dinner was grilled burgers with grilled veggies provided by Bill. After dinner it was time for a college football game. Bill, who was a line backer for the Cal Bears in the 60s, may be a bigger college football fan than I. The USC Hawaii game was high scoring affair with a final score of 49 - 36 with USC on top. The USC offense was impressive but their defense sucked. End of day 1.

First for the Pup.

Another Little Bow

Calm W. Carson Morning

Red Brookie

Fish On

Brookie for the Pup

Bridge at Sorensens

Mad Canyon

A Brown



Starts Getting Crowded

Bill Keeps a Nice One

Captain Compassion
09-03-2010, 07:57 PM
b]09/03/10 -[/b] 0445 wake up call. A good breakfast at Sharkey's and down 395 to Mono County and the West Walker River. First stop the Little Walker. Nothing. Next Pickle Meadow on 108. Nothing. US 395 Bridge nothing. Chris Flat Nothing. Next my honey hole in mid canyon. Here Bill caught a nice 2 pound Alpers Bow of perfect eating size. I managed 1 stocker bow. Last stop at the bottom of the canyon just south of Walker. Here a couple of gentlemen from Minden showed us how it was done. Here we got 23 stocker bows. These were feisty fighters in the fast water. We even got a few on the fly rod. Bill kept a few bleeders to round out his limit. We stopped at the for a couple of shakes in the cool of the patio and headed back to Minden where Bill cleaned his fish and headed back to the valley.

No large but lots of action and some nice ones. Bill it was a pleasure to fish with you these two days and you are welcome as a guest in our home any time. Thanks for the yummy vegetables from your garden. It was a wonderful 2 days.


Breakfast Stop

395 Morning

Alpers for Bill

Lower Canyon

Fly Rod Action

Little Bow

Minden Guys Show US How

Another on the Sissy Stick

Little Bow

Bill's Bill of Fare

Cold Shakes at the Walker Burger

Thanks for all the Veggies

09-03-2010, 09:52 PM
You and your pals have the coolest adventures! I'm headed just south of all that late next week and your pics really have me fired up now. Thanks! -Mike

09-04-2010, 06:07 AM
You and your pals have the coolest adventures! I'm headed just south of all that late next week and your pics really have me fired up now. Thanks! -Mike

Yup, good pics,...be interesting to see what kind of fall weather we get.

as for USC......:thumbdown: sorry they will pay price for past 'misbehavior'...look out for Stanford and hopefully my Irish can get off to a good start today...

09-04-2010, 04:16 PM
Had a fantastic trip and time sent with Capt. C....we traveled all over the 88/395 rivers and lakes...learned some great tips...some great spots...and as always that area was beautiful beyond discription....straying with Richard and his wife was an honor and they were the most gracious of hosts...the fishing great as we got the jump on the big crowds expected for the holiday weekend...we kept only a few fish for me to bring home for a Labor day BBQ...fall is coming to the mountains and if any of you "Sniffers" can make it up there do so at all costs...you will not regret it...you may not be as lucky as I, to have such a great host and hostess, but you will never forget the trip....
Good luck to you all and thank you again Richard and Nadia for an unforgetable couple of days...Mariahpup aka Bill

09-07-2010, 09:04 PM
ONce again CC :thumbsup: