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10-06-2010, 12:23 PM
We arrived in Alturas Sunday evening for our guided X3B deer hunt with Brent Dolby of Modoc Waterfowl Outfitters.

Up at 0400 Monday in eager anticipation. Brent picked us up at 0530 for a quick run over the Warner Mountains to the Surprise Valley. As we came down the grade, lightning flashed around us and we knew the rains would be coming soon.

Pulling into a ranch north of Cedarville, we immediately spotted deer out in the fields of alfalfa. After checking in with the rancher, we proceeded to scout the area as it became light enough to see.

On the far side of the ranch we came upon a herd of deer, with the closest buck sporting a set of wide horns. As the skies opened up in a heavy downpour, Matt shot at the buck who was standing only forty years away. The buck jumped, acting as if hit, and we waited for him to fall. I tried to get a bead on the next largest buck, but the whole bunch of deer ran away, including Matt’s buck. There were at least five bucks in the bunch. We were all disappointed at what seemed to be a miss on a nice buck.

We were all sopping wet by now and tried to warm up in Brent’s truck as the rains continued to come down. The deer were now in heavy brush as we contemplated what to do next. Suddenly, a nice buck stepped out into a field and we left Matt on stand in case the big one showed up again. As we got closer to the buck, we saw another one bedded at the edge next to him. As I raised up my old Ruger 7mm Brent said “Let me know which one you are going to take.” As the crosshairs settled on the larger buck standing broadside, I fired and the buck staggered down, settling that question. As we got up on him we saw he was a 4X4 with a 22 inch spread, a nice young buck.

Next we turned into the thick brush to try and scare out the other three bucks we knew were in there. About half way through, I saw a deer pogo stick ahead of us, headed straight for Matt. A couple of seconds later I heard Matt’s shot and saw him looking down at the ground. There lay the first buck he shot at, shot in the neck on the run at eighty yards. Only later did we see the second hole high in the buck’s neck where he has shot him earlier. Matt’s buck has heavy horns, 4X3, with a nice 24 inch spread.

A really nice buck, especially for his first and in California to boot. Thanks Brent for the great hunt.

A couple of pics are attached.

Happy Hunting

Paul (viper2) & Matt (BroncoMatt)

10-06-2010, 02:56 PM
Nice deer!!!!

10-06-2010, 05:13 PM
Well Done Guys!!!

10-06-2010, 05:43 PM
Always fun to read a first buck story. Nice job fellas.


10-07-2010, 09:28 AM
Congrats, he will now be spoiled with what CA usually has to offer. Alfalfa fed bucks should eat well. Congrats again!!