View Full Version : Attention for all new sturgeon fishermen with questions

11-13-2010, 03:58 PM
For all you people who are aspiring to get a sturgeon an have a lot of Q's on what,when,where,baits,etc etc.Please read the following info,it will help,Dale (Fishwisher) is one of our best Sturgeon fishermen,bar none,follow his links or PM him an get the best news/info possible.Thanks for cooperating,Sorry we don't have a FQA set up yet but I'm working on it with Cal,you can also view all the older posts an get a ton of tips an techniques from them as to bait,areas,lines,set ups,etc etc.Hear is Dales last post on this subject.Thanks Don>>>>>>FishWisher
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Posts 2,060Re: Newbie for Sturgeon hnting
Welcome to the Downward Spiral to becoming a River Rat, Big K - and your dad, too.

All the questions you ask are answered on this forum, but it takes some huntin' to find it all. If we don't have a "Sturgeon Fishing Tips" page, we should get one going. I don't know of any.

For starters, where are you going to launch? That will determine the best places to fish for sturgeon.

Re boat size, maybe someone with a similar boat can chime in. I have a 17 ft. North River and I'm comfortable anywhere on the delta with it, but it's a deep V and has a lot of free board for its size.

In the meantime, let me give you a couple of places to find lots of sturgeon info. Check my site for the "How To" page about sturgeon fishing here: HOW TO | FishWisher's Home Page (http://fishwisher.wordpress.com/category/how-to/)

and CalDelta.org has a great sturgeon tips page here: Sturgeon Tips | (http://californiadelta.org/wp/visitor-info/fishing/sturgeon-tips)

...and I'll look into a page for this site where fellas can find lots of tips in one place similar to the links I posted here.

Good luck! >>>>>>>>>>>>