View Full Version : Cave Rock Launch Ramp Snow Cleared 11.28.2010 Wiza+St. Denis

Gene St. Denis
11-29-2010, 06:35 AM
Well, Wiza and I were Bored ( after yesterdays Storm and foot more of Snow) so we headed down to Clear the Snow at cave rock ramp and then do some toplineing...but the ramp was closed and no inspecter.Stiff Freezing North wind 10 to 20 ,:cold1: the water was Dark blue/Black with White Caps . So we got out shovels and 13/ 36 ariens and spent 4 hours or so and Finally got both sides of the Ramp clear of drifts and snow. There is still several inchs of Ice and Snow on Ramp. Chains and 4 wheel drive/ snow tires are Madatory, until the sun can melt off the frozen Base .:1sheep03h7ot: Windy and very Cold. Shore fishing for Rainbows is Cold and only a couple so far.We had to Breack Up the Masive frozen 4 foot Pile in the West side ramp with shovels and then blow it, then as Mark said... "It's like Useing a Giant Grinder to Work Metal " and start over on the same patch .. until close to pavement , then move over to the next Pass , And Boy were We Happy , when we were Finished !! :cheers:Anyway we both Now, are at Our Warm Homes with Hot Cocoa and Dinner !! :bbq1:Another storm thursday .:areportmq5: Aloha !! gst http://www.imhooked.com/forumsyabb/Templates/Forum/default/wink.gif P.S. " If anyone " has any Complaints about the Snow conditions on the Ramp, Like the " White Bayliner Dude "... complaining about putting Chains on...and Says that the Snow removal Guys are Getting Paid to Much..:oldangryman:.( we get Nothing ) then you should Consider.... Launching in Florida .... and maybe wearing a Thong. Just Wiza's and My TWO CENTS !!!! If we do not do it then it DON'T GET DONE..... See you out there in the Field.... we never Left. Captain Gene St. Denis :party-smiley-048:www.blueribbonfishing.com (http://www.blueribbonfishing.com)

Gene St. Denis
11-29-2010, 08:41 AM
P. S. You can now slide with Confidence into the Water !!! Last Nite the Low temperature was -6 degrees and a Stimulateing High of a Balmy 28 degrees Predicated !! :nature-smiley-12: Aloha !! gst Captain Gene St. Denis www.blueribbonfishing.com (http://www.blueribbonfishing.com)

11-29-2010, 10:03 AM
Lotta years ago I bought a 1952, 14' Glaspar with a cutty, steering wheel and little windshield from my wife's uncle. It had 2 wooden plank seats and a 6hp Johnson out board. My first boat. Caught a lot of fish out of it. Anyway, why this thread.

It was a day pretty much like described about at Cave Rock. Two feet of snow on the ramp but no wind or waves. My buddy and I were set on toplining Tahoe that day. So we took the boat off the trailer, pushed off like a couple of bobsled racers, jumped in an toboganed down the ramp and into the lake. Fished Dead Mans Point, Skunk Harbor and all the way to Sand Harbor and back that day. Hard to keep the ice out of the guides but caught our limit of nice bows and a couple of browns. Once back to Cave Rock we ran a rope down to ol' blue and pulled it up far enough to get the trailer under it. Heck of a day in the snow.

Gene St. Denis
11-30-2010, 07:38 AM
Great Stort Fishmeister !!! Reminds me of the Jamaican Bobsled Team !!! Aloha !! gst :2vrolijk_08: