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01-26-2011, 05:15 PM
Hi Folks ... I have a good friend who has been hounding me to go up around the Clear Lake area or the Hwy 20 route to there, and do some turkey hunting. I know nothing of this area other than to drive through it to fish the lake. Does anyone have any info on this area for Turkey hunting? Much appreciated ... Fern-Dog

01-26-2011, 07:12 PM
I dont have much to offer...
I used to ride my motorsyckle around the forest quite a bit. Never saw turkeys up very high in elevation. lots around Pottervalley though. So, I'd try and find some public access to the forest around there... and close to low lying valleys.

Good luck.

01-26-2011, 07:50 PM
Can't remember how far on 20 past walker ridge road but there are a few parking areas on the left side of the road as you head toward clear lake. I know that some people walk in and turkey hunt from there. You will see trucks on the side of the road during the season. I quail hunted out of one of them once and did ok. I have also seen turkeys while deer hunting off of hwy 16. You go 20 to clear lake, and then turn left on 16. If I remember right, I saw turkeys walking a ridge to right off of 16 a couple years ago. If you drive down 16 to the second bridge, I think it is called bear creek, pull off to the right and then walk up. It's been a while, so sorry the info is a little out dated. If you get bored, you can turn on 16 and park in the big parking lot off to the right where people unload horses. Walk up that ridge, take a camera, and enjoy watching some big Elk cruise by. I used to take a spotting scope and just watch them from the road. Pretty cool. Good luck when you go.


01-27-2011, 09:30 AM
South west of the Intersection of 20 and 16 is a giant swath of BLM land (Cache Creek)with some F&G Wildlife areas mixed in(Cache Creek WA). All public land. Check BLM website and DFG website for Maps. Good turkey grounds. 20 miles south is Knoxville WA, I was out there for the General Deer season and saw some turkeys in the northeastern part. There's no target shooting allowed at any of these areas but hunting is OK. Good Luck!

01-27-2011, 04:33 PM
Thanks to all for the info!

I guess I have no excuse now but to take my buddy turkey hunting up there this year. Will let you all know how we did.

Thanks Again ... Fern-Dog