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02-24-2011, 08:07 PM
Steps to insert pictures into Posts using Picasa.

I assume you have a Picasa account and are able to upload your pictures there.
You can get a Picasa account for free here:

www.picasaweb (http://www.picasaweb).google.com

Part 1:
You must copy the URL (web address) of the pictures from Picasa to paste into the forum.

Log into your account on www.picasaweb (http://www.picasaweb).google.com
Click on the album and the picture you want to post.

The screen looks something like this:

Click on Link to this Photo on the right side of the screen.
You will see these options appear:


Check the box Image only (no link)
Then select the size you want the photo to be. I usually choose Medium.

Then click inside the Embed Image box to select the entire URL (it is really long). Right click and select copy.You will not see anything happen, but it worked.


Part 2:
Now you can paste the picture into your forum post.

Start a new post and type what you want. When you want to insert the picture:

Click on the insert image Button above the text box.

This box will appear:


Click on the From URL tab.

Click in the URL: box, right click and click Paste.
The long URL you copied a minute ago will appear.

Uncheck the Retrieve remote file box

Then click Insert Image

Your picture will magically appear in the post.


PM me if you are having problems with any of the steps.

I will post instructions on how to do this using Image Shack soon.